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Draw porn :D
Stumpy Mcgee! Funny AND naked, can this guy get any better?
Reminded me that I could never remember Ash's name from Evil Dead and always called him 'Stumpy Joe' instead. We like stumps, hur hur.
... He lies
I feel like I've just walked in on someone and should slowly close the door...
I wonder who is going to get the blame for the table though :D
ah, bwuh? damn.
Just finished archives and get left with this, not fair at all I say! Will have to draw the next part myself or something.
The first time I noticed the Schindler lift thing I was giggling to myself all the way to the top floor. I think they must be a UK based company.
I also melted part of my thumb, not pretty. If this isn't 'slice of life' I don't know what is.
Ooh look,
Comments- how dandy :)
Currently scraping together bits of code for the template. Thinking about dying some of my hair purple. Tis about it, later.
I like the font but it could do with being a little bolder as it does fade into the background somewhat.
Looking forward to this comic unfolding (found it in the critique forum)- the style is blissfully refreshing!
I am insanely glad that everyone fits their instrument- this page really shows it!
Loving the 'boooumm'. I'm a sucker for sound effects.
Can't think of anything useful to say as I live in the UK and nothing comes to mind that is so mind-blowingly obvious that anyone needs to know about it.
When in doubt- talk about the weather...
Fools or not, still a cool style.
Speaking of QC- Dinosaur Comics ftw
What amps do they use?
That's insane 0_o Very well done for someone who actually hates the subject matter.
It's like a reverse 'Perfume: The Story of a Murderer' content wise, love it.
I smiled when I saw this had updated... yay....>_> need moar.
"Nothi....oh wait, I wanna get laid"
but then that would make it a bit typical, no?
*stuck in a state of shock*...

fuck yeah! just don't go for any low blows...
haha, josh needs new wheels XD