HI! I'm Hannah! I aspire to become a great comic artist one day, but I'm not nearly close yet. I enjoy drawing, food in large portions, bad fanfiction, worse fandoms, and winter sports.
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Updates might continue to be slow for awhile, work has been busier and I've found less time to work on this comic. The slow down is temporary though, I just need to make more time for comics! ;p
I'm so honored to be a part of the non-canonical Guardian Ghost universe <:
How about that unannounced two month hiatus huh?
@Ecaroh914: Loudly squeals from happiness
@GrovyleGoodbye128: ive been off site for awhile and recently got back on and seeing comments like this are super inspiring *v* thank you so much! I promise do get back to doing these updates
posting this a day early, but it took way too long. I wasn't very happy with this page so I ended up redoing half of it digitally
I'm still learning perspective, forgive me...OTL
Whoa a scene change
@Ruth montag: Thank you! I am especially proud of this page in particular, I feel like its the strongest piece of the whole comic.
February 13th, 2017
@GrovyleGoodbye128: I will destroy their legal reputations!
February 12th, 2017
Finally, after a 3 month hiatus I can start updating again! Huzzah I'm not dead only lazy and broke and sad
November 22nd, 2016
@GrovyleGoodbye128: don't worry, tis only a flesh wound
November 21st, 2016
I can't believe this is the first update in almost a month. I would've updated sooner but I faced a very difficult obstacle...the dreaded writer's block
Booty sand tho
I made a fake cover thing. updates will continue soon!
I'm having computer problems again, so I'll post the unscanned version until I can get it all sorted out. Sorry if the image is too big...I'm posting this from my phone lol

Edit: fixed page yay
September 28th, 2016
posting this page so late its early
September 17th, 2016
Part 2 of double updoop
September 17th, 2016
Part 1 of double update
September 16th, 2016
@Cat-Comixz-Studios: rip in piss