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@YolkenEgg: the orphan club is slowly turning into the "all our dads might be nightwalkers" club
@YolkenEgg: The most fun club no one wants to be a part of!
@YolkenEgg: it's a spitting image!
@YolkenEgg: *plays intense heavy metal as Bear descends to hell*
@YolkenEgg: you could say shes really...
Cuz shes a scarf and...
@YolkenEgg: not gonna lie this is the first time I realized that the spellings were different lol whoops
@YolkenEgg: shes not the most educated person when it comes down to lgbt
Dartmouth sweetie Azealia's ears are up higher
@YolkenEgg: whoops my knife slipped
@jellyskink: What can I say, he loves his gf
Baby Fyrra is so cute <3
Also I like how you made her nose smaller as a kid. I see people forget that a lot when they age down their characters.
After over 2 long months...A single page is born
Also who's this fucker we've totally never seen before??
Happy 420 and welcome to The Partially True Diaries of Ham! or tptdofham.comic.smacjeeves.fcuk i couldn't've picked a longer title

its based on or inspired by things that happen in my life and will update a couple times a week
@El Adri 2004: Berry almost had to bring Bear back again from choking on a pretzel.
@jellyskink: Head canon: Tel found a cool lunchbox on but somehow didn't realize he'd clicked the link 5 times and received 5 in the mail.
the calendar tho
I love how you did the sketchy calligraphy for Tel's speech. I does a good job at creating a scary voice~
February 4th, 2019
@jellyskink: yeah, I BEARly see them working out in the FUSCHIA
February 3rd, 2019
The one thing I regret about this page was Fuschia cramming the pretzel in Bears face off screen and not drawing it.