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Good news! the hiatus is almost over! updates start up again July 20th. My extras and guest comics are placed before the latest chapter so I thought I'd add a small disclaimer for convenience.
@jellyskink: yeah, she can only brush her hair if its wet. She doesnt brush her hair much tho lol
@Guest: thanks bruh B)
@Fletcher Crane: or could it be his evil twin? BLONYX!!
Small hiatus announcement
I ended up going back through my comic a couple of times and I found some errors in my story thus far and in the future, so im taking a small break to rewrite somethings. In the meantime i'll be posting some art to prove i'm not dead, but I don't plan on this taking more than a month or two tops, so BEAR with me *bdum tsssh*
@jellyskink: cell phones exist, but usually if peeps feel like going out in the buff they either leave their phone at home or bring a purse/backpack. Tho lanyards are a good idea too, also this story takes place in 2012 so landlines kinda lingered still.
@jellyskink: the entire story has only spanned 2 days so far...its almost been 6 years lol
@jellyskink: the worst kind of teenager is an immortal one
@jellyskink: prepare for no pupil, and make it quadruple...
@jellyskink: purrrwelcome
I didn't get around to finishing the next page so here's an old drawing of Ivory raiding a Claire's dumpster
Edit: Had to fix a pretty big spelling error in the first panel, oops ^^;
Trying out some ads for when I wanna post em soon. This one's done in markers of...Maybe a glimpse at Sepia's future power??
Reference to pgs 170 and 171
@jellyskink: id imagine bird controllers would just have bigger buttons that were closer together so they could use their wing tips, lucky for violet she doesnt need one lol
Finally updating again, I fixed the problem with my computer and i'm all set up after moving so hopefully no more distractions, (except work that's a necessary distraction, burgers ain't gonna flip themselves.)
I'm trying something new with the pages now. I really missed the definition that doing full color pages had on the artwork, but if I went back to full color id be poppin' out a page a month till' I'm dead. However the black and white pages look so messy that they are almost hard to make out sometimes... So simple shading is my happy middle ground! I think it looks just a tad bit neater C:
Get forcibly abducted by a good book
That's a pretty good idea for a cat food logo
Those strawberries look delicious yummmmm