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Our names are Miranda and Chase... we're the authors/artists of Siren <3

Follow us on tumblr for concept art, updates, and fun stuff... you can also chat us up there, we love talking with everyone!

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    Miranda and Chase
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Hey guys! Don't forget to check out our Patreon, where you can get early updates as well as progress sketches. When we get more patrons, we'll be able to update more frequently and also release character backgrounds and extra art!
Whew! What a busy few months! We came back from our vacation in Italy, and Chase got a surgery she's been looking forward to! Now we're home and ready to roll <3
Hey guys!

So we're going out of the country starting tomorrow, and taking our first every vacation, all the way to Italy!
We'll be back in two weeks, all fired up and ready to continue the story at full speed ahead!

Wish us luck!
Naizor's day is off to a good start.
Hello friends!
New page! :)

Also, we have a patreon here if you like what we do and would like to support us for extra content, early update access, and character backstories!
And if you would like to follow us on Tumblr and ask us/the characters questions, we're here too!
Sharks are a buzzkill.

Also! We have a patreon page now for those who enjoy the comic and would like to support us!
You can find us here;
Hey guys!
We officially have out Patreon page set up, please check it out if you have the time and would like to support us and Siren!
Yaaayy Fish wife <3
Fish wife imminent
Don't worry everyone! We will be doing more flashbacks intermittently to cover the rest of that part :) but now its time to flash forward to "present" day
@Mistress0fDragons: The other 3 Wyrms won't be in this comic, but we might cover them in a different comic in the future! :) The others are wielders of lightning, acid, and boiling magma.
page 3 of 3- stay tuned Monday for the start of a new chapter! Thank you so much again for sticking with us through the revamp. If ever you are interested in reading the old version so you can see the differences in how we've taken the story you can find it here:

and you can follow us on tumblr!
Page 2 of 3
In between chapters we'll have some pages like journal entries to explain a bit more in depth about things we don't have time to cover in the comic! Hope you like them :) page 1 of 3
Gentle smoosh
Now look at what you've done, Naizor, you made Salzar put down his crossword puzzle!
@emabela3: Thank you so much!! we really appreciate it and we're happy to have you here! :)
@Mistress0fDragons: Thank you so much <3 <3
Fun facts!
1. Mauritius, that brunette bloke who looks like he's wondering if he left the kettle on, is Serenth's dad!
2. Calypso, the lovely in purple, was my favorite character of Miranda's back in highschool when she was first made!
There he go...