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I make web layouts o_O i will sell smackjeeves ones for $35
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Updates weekly
Another one! Poof updates weekly
Comic Update 2 woot on a role
And another one. This updates weekly
i love the story and the sprites for this comic >.>
wweeeee Me like yoru art style and the story so far ^.^
I have found a new comic that amuses me to much
What about comic ads with no comics on their site
rawr stuff stuff Entering the Mushroom kingdom and entering a new foe
I believe i won the contest my friend has FAILED

Have no fear the comic will live on!
rawr i sell web layouts for $35 pm me if you want more information
b-but i want more ;___:
this and your banner scare me so....
Anime world isn't' specific.. DBZ, naruto those are more specificplaces.. But I have mario next i been working on the next comic already
A comic about a group going to other dimensions taking people. The question is what is their motives in doing so. Join Zelda and others as they try to save their captured friends from other dimensional beings.
This is Brat approved for entertaining! ^.^ >.> im so amused by this comic. And it updates a lot. So you get more entertainment!
>.> well shit.. heres the end... I need to figure out where i wanna go! suggestion where you want ot see?