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I'm just so desu desu and want to make comics but I've been too lazy to submit any of them here
I love how the colors just sort of flow
So cute >w<
I love it how this has those little things from other comics.
I just noticed his name comes from Da'vinchi.
I might have played or chatted with her
I want one too
Isn't that the Seto Kaiba jacket?!
This comic is too deep. I feel stupid now
He's such a lowly creature. But I still love him.
This recent fighting sequence was so very intense. Wait!! All of them are!
June 18th, 2013
And the Sky thougth:
-"That's so indecent. Cut it out."
Never got to say this but I love this comic. It's so original. Also the viewable improvement in drawings is just great.
Sorry but
I just love drawing Samu halfnaked.
Also handsome men.
Ofcourse he's scared. He's a dog who hasn't been given any training, but he is housebroken.
They look like they're just having a fine evening walking randomly naked around.
The way I would have done this page would have been more... something.

First panel: Samu being all like I wonder...
Second panel: *looks at Silva* Do you have a dogcookie?
Third panel: Why yes I do.
Last panel: (samu)OMG!! *jingle* YOU'RE JUST LIKE MY BROTHER!!!!
(silva)I know
Just asking..
Did you submit it on purpose to "A new home" or should a new chapter for Ka$h be created? =w=

Cool picture though
It's so horrible quality.