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When I first started reading TPB, it was already in the 18th chapter and I always felt ind of noobish to it. Coming back to it, it's already been abour 5 years of good times. It's been an amazing adventure Deda, and I for one thank you for sharing. I expect great things from your new work whichis already in the to do list. To captain Wilson Kane, pirate King, white witch, captain of the alidivento by God's will, beware of imitations, sir, I salute you. To the marvellous pirate queen, pirate balthasar Castalia Kane Papadopulos, madam, I wish I could be as kickass in thi life or the next. The the badass marvellous crew, love every single character to bits!
Ok this is probably a stupid question. But is he or is he not actually a duke???
Please don´t let it be Cesare and Petronia!!! I really love these two...
This is a big commitment on your behalf Deda. JK we know you'll deliver.
This is completely irrelevant but I was wondering if we could see some sort of illustration or special (a small one since the comic is ending) on how Maya came to be. I just realised that we have a backstory on all the kids but we don't know how they decided to have her.
I was prepared to write an epic laughter comment but I'm really sorry to hear about your mom Deda, I hope everything goes well! All the best!!

I do have to say though, this page is one of the most entertaining things I've read all week LOL
:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
He has a thing for snatching his partner, doesn't he?
Ooooh... hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...
We have a saying in Greece that goes, eat a big mouthful but don't speak big words. I'm looking at you Westley... <3
My dear beautiful amazing Martin... The doctor could say it in plain Spanish, even draw you pictures but you would be none the wiser <3
Retreat to high ground and plan your next move always works ;) Also the doctor's attire/expression in 3rd to last panel reminds me of Castallia
LOL I thought something was missing but couldn't put my finger on it! See Deda, your story was so captivating that nobody noticed XD
Oh my dear doctor....
No he's not :/ But that's a good thing, at least she lives on... And sorry to disappoint you Circe but you are not completely emotionless. Gosh this is so sad :'(
Gee woman that's pretty dark :P But damn if I don't get chills
If I may, I think you were right to modify the style because imo the new one looks much better on the background you chose.
Which son is she talking about? Which son is HE talking about? Also, I'm not feeling angry at Circe for keeping Pandora anymore. I mean, if she could put the almighty white witch under an illusion, even with her incomplete training, it probably means that Pandora wanted to be bewitched. Maybe she couldn't handle things.