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My name is Ricky Cactus and I am a professional asshole as well as king of Cactopia. In my spare time I draw comics that parody my life.
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    Ricky Davis, Jr.
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April 8th, 2008
I am indeed Cactus on the UESP forums. Nice to be recognized. I'm famous!!
Ah.. I messed up. Dialogue is supposed to be on top. It's dark because it's like.. night time. I shall redo that now, actually. Thanks for pointing it out.
Thank you. It took me frickin forever to make it. I drew it really big like that and then shrunk it so it'd look cooler. It's vaguely based on an actual window I found through google.
He's not raping her. He's biting her neck. See the blood?
OMG I wonder what's going to happen next!!

Oh wait, I wrote it.
I'm working on it.
God shall have His revenge
The only reason I posted this is because I think it's awesome, and it just doesn't have enough coverage. It's from the yesterday's comic and based on an old GIH comic.
A bit of both. Mostly terrible because of the huge amount of stupity involved.
Believe it or not, this isn't completely ficticious.
October 3rd, 2007
Read my news update.
The link below is my inspiration for this comic.
People like. People REALLY like me.
Yes. Those two customers that are randomly in color are David and John from my brother Chris's old comic strip.
That is NOT Edgar. Edgar wears a shirt with a.. circle and dot over it. I don't know why. This guy has a smiley face, so it's not Edgar. Fucking.. duh.

Also, that is NOT Jesus. See, he has no cross on his chest. Jesus does. Fucking, duh.
The Zombie Files DOES Continue!!
To continue reading The Zombie Files series, you'll need to go to my other webcomic, (God, in Heaven!) where the story picks up. The story will switch back over to Name-Pending in a few weeks.
This is one of my all-time favorite comics, just because she has such amazing breasts.
After the real car hit me, I looked worse. That was back in like, October 2004. I think.

My eye DID really fall out.

Okay, no. No it didn't. I just wanted to clarify for the dumbasses out there.
Despite what you may think, I did NOT bring in a professional artist for the fifth panel. Nope, I drew that car (yes, it's a car) all by myself. Amazing, isn't it?
Holy freakin' crap! At the time of this comment God, In Heaven! is rated #1297 out of 9527 according to That's like, top 14%, buddy. Hot dog!