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Hello everyone! My name is Mel- but feel free to bestow any nicknames you come up with upon me. I love to write and draw, and well, both of those hobbies combined kind of lead one down a path of comic making! I like to think of myself as friendly, so please, don't hesitate to stop by and say hello!
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Yeah if you're not sure about getting married it doesn't sound like something you should do haha. It's a pretty big decision to make flippantly especially with Asian relatives to make is a super huge deal. If you're happy being a cool uncle, than awesome! Hooray for Basement Uncle! Congrats to Bernard and Mai though!
@daviddoesntgetit: Ah that's weird, I've always used monkey balm for like stomach aches and stuffy noses and it always seemed to help? It comes in a tin and it seems solid but you warm it up in your hands kinda like vaseline an rub it wherever- it's tingly like tiger balm so I dunno!
Ahh is Bengay anything like monkey balm? Because that's what I always use, but only because it's the only kind of thing my mom has around.
scREAM THAT'S MINE WOW GOSH AAHH! It's actually just but thank you, I'm super flattered!!! \(;O;)/
First one!
I'm a bit of a flake, truthfully. Let's see how this journal comic thing goes.
To me, it's kind of boring, actually.

Like if you're in the right mindset it can be alright I guess but I can't help and look at in in completely technically terms and it starts looking really silly.

Like peg a into slot b however many times- it's just kind of weird looking to be honest.
Ow, ow, ow. This one hit really close to home for me. David, I can't say that I've gone through the same thing because everyone's situation is different. But as someone who's caught up in something similar, I think you're an incredibly brave and strong willed person. It takes a lot of guts to forgive someone, especially someone who's abused you so much. It's easy to hate, but it's strength that helps you forgive, and I really admire you for that.

You've drawn this all so beautifully and viscerally, aaah...
@IEatTacosForDinner: Asexuality doesn't necessarily mean you're not into all romance. Asexuality and Aromatic are two different things, though it depends on who's identifying as what? Something to think about I guess? Sorry I didn't mean to get all factual at you ^^;

Either way, congrats Miriam! I understand your uneasiness though David. A change like that is always a little weird.
Ah, it's kinda like that with my family too! Only the divide is a bit wider. I'm half Khmer and half Chinese, and since Cambodia is sorta regarded as a country of illiterates, my siblings and I always get snubbed by my cousins for not being as "refined".

My aunt's always bragging about the private school my cousins go to, and how they got however many awards. She also hates my mom with a passion, especially since she used to be my dad's favorite sister.

On the flip side though, my cousins on my mom's side, the full Khmer ones- they think my siblings and I are really stuck up.

So we're stuck in this weird...limbo I guess! Geez, families are weird sometimes.