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[EDIT]: Oops! Smack Jeeves does not support animated GIFs... Instead, here's a screenshot of one of the scenes, and a link to the animated version on deviantART:


Sorry there hasn't been a page update for a while! Been busy with start of classes this week :3 To make up for it, here is an animated Quilava for those of you who haven't seen it yet on my deviantART page! This little guy was made for Day 3 of the Pokemon Challenge (day 4 coming soon...) :D

I will try to get another page done sometime this week! ><
Smoky the bear-tortle to the rescue :O
Bit of a bad news. Was fixing up something after I had resized the image (I usually work with something around ~6x this size), then by habit saved it... So now I have no original resolution file for this one ): I'll be in big trouble if I need to change anything on this page xD

Oh well... enjoy! (:
Here we go!
Official start of chapter 1! :D
Sorry it's so late! I actually had this one nearly done a WHILE ago, just didn't actually do anything with it >> Sorry it's so simple and... un-dramatic xD

From now on, the pages will be done either b/w sketch or screentone, depending on how much time I have. I am doing a lot more of my main art stuff now though, so do check my deviantART page from time to time! Thanks :D
@MR.Zoet: Thank you!! :D
Alright guys, this is going to be the last update for about 2-3 weeks. Finals week and packing and all (: I might add a little extra picture some time if I get the chance so you guys aren't bored :3
I promise I'll get less lazy with the backgrounds from now on xD
50th fan huzzah! LOL I love your style!! :D
April 3rd, 2012
LOL this is a funny take to the story. I do love how you color her hair so shiny
LOL I love that third panel
Looks pretty cool. Adding it to fav (:
Oh yes, and this comic reads LEFT TO RIGHT.
Haha i like that last panel's HP bar XDD;;;
sexy cannot = idiot XDD;;;
January 20th, 2007
your style is cute :3
mwehehe i like your style, it's cute :3 nice design on Jack
Mwehehehe this is hilarious XDDDD;;; continue to update, please?
mwehehehe i found you X3