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Status update:
Working on the Book of Orc these days.

**Hoshi No Kaabii - Over, done fin' but many of the prints will be available soon.
**Star Path/ Xnauts: Paused until one of you guys can buy me a Nintendo Wii
**Life, Death, and Chocolate: No longer standing artist.
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OMFG best gift EVER..thank you santa
December 29th, 2009
so glad you're alive :D
omg this is amazing :D LOVE IT!!!! Thank you secret santa!
Adorable and edgy comic. LOVE it.

Only issue here is that when I try to rss or subscribe to your comic there's an error and it tries to link me ot a comic called Cloud 9
Actual work has been started on the "comic" portion of this now.
Yes, really. I've got about a page inked and drawn!! If you want a sneak peek at the cover you can see it uncolored HERE:
I do still exist.
I do still draw Kirby
I am sorry for not updating
I will do a comic
I hate disappointing you guys
I feel guilty
But I dont know when real life will
allow me to come back, and I'm seriously sorry.
I'm working two jobs right now, and I'm sort of looking into a third one to cover for the holidays and crap.
Please enjoy this happy Kirby
The pale faced Doll and the falling apart lop earred rabbit go on a quest through dreams to save "the dying girl" from some sort of somatic disorder in the imagination.

Long story short, I am alive.
I am in the process of trying to publish a book of my art.
As soon as next week is over, I AM BACK,
and boy are some weird changes coming loyal readers... I'm sorry I've been gone so long!
Another filler folks.
Please enjoy more silly fan art.
I've had a hell of a lot on my plate these days.. I want to come back to this comic, honestly I do. I just can't seem to motivate myself to draw the Kirb-ster for more than a few moments here and there.
*tags comic, still reading through many former back pages... how long is it since I've been on SJ again..O.O*
if Mr. Zobe decides to backout, I'm happy to draw manga kirby

Was going to join this group as a colorist, but we all decided that coloring on top of tones didn't look very good. I have full permission to post this here as a sample of my coloring.


It's funny cause it's true... but I want to delete it from my photobucket account.
Photoshop comics should also not include refrences to My Chemical Romance and Hilter together.
Comic can not live by Photoshop and Photoshop alone.
Some stories are to good to be let go. Some art however, will never live up to the stories expectations.
Nothing says bad idea, like flogging an already dead horse.
Part 2 (from the original version of Legend of Star Path)

Sometimes we do stupid things to be funny. And they hurt.
Due to size restrictions, I'm only posting a couple of pages from this mess (which was the original version of Legend of Star Path)

Sometimes we do stupid things to try to be funny.
Star Path isn't officially dead, I just have so much silly concept art for it, that I'm posting some of it here.