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Likes to draw stuff for own amusement and for others. And usually likes new people so I won't bite if you talk to me :3
The cuteness of the last panel <3
@Motch: Me too Q_Q
;___; so cute. Glad she's fitting in~
Welcome to the chapter 5
No one's gonna guess what he's reading 8)
Trying out a new coloring style to match the tone of the series better C:
February 6th, 2014
asdasf she's so adorably cute >A<
February 6th, 2014
Okay, Otto's my fav atm 8D
@Motch: I think Pushkin would feel more tingly in his pants if Mehr and Stripe were made of money XD
OMG this is legitimately scary D8
Sorry for delay
Info page will be up later this week, expect double-update on pages tomorrow. Life's been unexpectedly hectic these couple of weeks o_o
Two pages 'til the end of the chapter
Wow, we're reaching the end of chapter 3. Stay tuned, people~
The more you know
For those who're as clueless about car-knowledge as me, Mustang is indeed a part of Ford-cars. The look on my face as I was explained this was pretty much this: /(@O@)\
For the birthday-boy
Instead of just a regular, happy-go-lucky b-day card, I decided to do a bit of a motivational-picture for Ronin. The quote is by Helen Keller, and I thought it'd fit the theme. Life has these gray/lukewarm moments when everything we do seems pointless. But we gotta keep of fighting, and we can fight by living on. Live 'til someday you realize you've become stronger, and you've overcome your fears and the grayness. And it still might come back, but don't give up. Just keep on living, and do things you enjoy. Enjoy life the best you can. Happy birthday, bro.
Mid-summer day!
Have fun, and don't go swimming if you're drunk! :)
Summer holiday!
My summer vacation started today, though I'll work as an intern for most of the summer 'cos of summer studies. It'll be nice though, and I'll have more time to draw ^w^ enjoy the summer, and stay tuned~
R.I.P Tablet II
Yeah, it's a good thing to notice when starting to draw the bubbles; tablet's wire was become so unstable that the whole tablet's basically useless now. Must find the receipt to get a new one >_> hopefully I'll get it before the next weeks page. I knew this day was going far too well and it was missing the lemons XD
Damn, I'm so looking forward seeing what happens next owo
Aww, Mr. Ocean <3
The last panel's priceless XD
@R0n1n: Ours would if I didn't OCD over cleaning it at least once a week XD though a part of it has to do with the fur-balls spreading kitten-litter all over the floor. Messy bastards.