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Not a comic, but a statement
No funnies today. Just a statement of How well the "Batman Begins" movie was done, and that people who criticize anything without getting their facts straight need to buy a new pair of cement shoes and go swimming with them. This movie was beautifully done, maintaining realism without losing the "Dark Knight" flavor. The last few movies...were...not so. This one is dark and a lot more adult, like the Michael Keaton Batmans, which made me happy to see his true colors shine through, and to finally see a superhero flick where the hero uses stealth and fear instead of barging in ("here I come to save the daaaaay") sort of thing. The first Spiderman movie had this, granted, but not near to the effect of Batman.
Oh, I realize that the books were written a long time ago...and let's be honest here. Sean Connery only had to use his gun...and his Walther PPK. But after that...things went downhill.
I will have this properly colored later on, but since the line drawing is done, I'll post it. Once I have it colored, I'll take this one off.
Oh, and by the way...about the color stripes...I didn't set the opacities to 100% when I colored the characters (Makes it easier to shade...I'm lazy like that) the color stripes kinda show through. I'm sorry about this...but I was also rushed. If enough readers actually read this and complain about it enough....I'll post it with the appropriate changes.
So here's the scoop. From left to right: Guile, Warforged Rogue (If you don't know what a Warforged is, I highly recommend the Ebberon Campaign Setting for D&D 3.5) Spektre, Magic Scrapper (If you don't know what a Scrapper is in the sense I'm using it, I highly recommend City of Heroes) and lastly, me, Incurable Gamer. Perhaps Guile will show up in later comics...I'm not sure just yet. Ol' Spek has already made his debut, check my earlier comics out. If you just so happen to play can find me on the Guardian server.
You are silly. In a good way
Sweet holy COLOR!
I know the Splinter Cell series of comics I've been doing are getting redundant; but I just have to post this one due to the holidays. The actual drawing is about two months old.

Also...Photoshop on Windows XP and without a touch-screen monitor is very clumsy and more often than not, frustrating. Happy Holidays, everyone!
Well, still no color, but at least this one is shaded.
More whining.
I do realize that many of these are light...sketchy and not erased well, not to mention hand-written lettering... I plan to get a more proffesional set up going here in the next few weeks.
Ok. First color comic. OLD color comic.
A warning.
The first about...10 comics or so I post are going to be Black and White, and gonna have lots of sketch marks on them. deal with it for now, please. I promise to get some cleaner looking ones up soon.