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Hello! My name is Garaan. I am a high-school student, and I plan on becoming a lawyer later in the future. I like playing games like MvsC3, Super Street Fighter IV and Phoenix Wright. I also like Devil May Cry and God of War! They're insane!

My hobbies are gaming, browsing blogs and playing soccer on mondays and fridays in school.

My only occupation is yet being a student. It's hard, and it's gonna be harder in college. I hope I get there.
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April 22nd, 2012
Dat axe ;D
Amazing =O
He just fires from the mouth, he doesn't bite, right? =(
'Cause that mouth ain't for biting XD
Awww ="D
I like Touhou a lot, and I like your comic too! These effects are awesome!
It's based on Memories of Phantasm animation, right? I can see some similarities =D
I never knew his Cossack existed until I saw this comic. He seems awesome!
Woah =O
I like the Robot Master Docs idea =D