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Lord Ryu
I'm just some guy who writes things.
Because that is how I roll.

In reality it is because I think sprites look better when they look less like clusters of pixels, so I don't bother to prevent the blurring.
Little In Wily's Defense reference in there. I'm not even sure why I like that comic so much.

I noticed a few typos in there. I'll fix them later.
It doesn't really roll off the tongue, the title. They're not good substitutes for one-syllable names.

Other languages considered for Larxene included Urdu, Arabic, Greek, and Afrikaans. Speaking of which, there's also a stealth joke here. I'm curious if anyone is familiar enough with the subject to catch it.

Also, I had this great sprite of Zexion crossing his arms, but I lost it. It's like the only custom pose I ever made for any character, so it's a little disappointing.
The last comic previously only on DrunkDuck. Commentary:

"You can tell I wrote it because there are beat panels."
This comic is so large that it doesn't work with Smackjeeves's filesize limit. So here's a link.
Second of the comics previously only on DrunkDuck. Commentary:


You'll see what it's all about in a couple comics."

Incidentally, it took almost a year for this to come to fruition.
First of the comics previously only on DrunkDuck. Here's the commentary from there:

"I abuse the beat panel.

And I /know/ that the text changes size, that was an accident. It didn't seem horrible so I didn't bother to fix it."
Walls of Text
Don't mind me, just trying to fix the plot.
I did not. I'll have to check it out. :D
Thirty Xanatos Pileup
A group of ferrets in called a business. I always pictures them running around in little suits and ties and stuff.

I accidentally clicked on this in my bookmarks and I noticed you actually updated XD

Yeah, but I'm staying at the new place forever.
That's right, Oblivion Chaos has moved to my project site 'dIIve'. I began working on it again for Oblivion Chaos' 2nd anniversary, which was this past Sunday.
Avoiding the Obvious LoZ 2 Reference
Holy crap, new font!

And comic that isn't a month later!


Also Shadow is the master of getting no lines >.<
For the Record, There was Never a Fourth Wall Anyway
I'm back a bit earlier then expected. I just couldn't stay away =D (by the way, if I fail any of my finals, I'll just blame Briianz for no other reason that he is an excellent scapegoat. xP)

Anyway, this comic introduces both Ansem and DiZ, as well as moves the plot along. So...yeah. Hopefully the next comic will come Friday, but as you know I'm not very good at keeping schedules. But rest assured, it will not take a month and a half again =D
Plot Development lulz
Look, comic. This one doesn't have a punch line and is loaded with text. Deal with it.

First off, it's a common misconception that Sora is completely stupid. He just has no sense of direction and a slight lack of common sense and the fact that he's oblivious.

The guy at the bottom is the Red Guy, a friend of mine who has a habit of shouting random curse words for no reason whatsoever. =3