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Yo, Jeffery Cun here.
I am the voice in the air
Crying on out inside of despair,
Feeling so clumsy and accident prone,
Won't someone please leave me alone!
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    Jeffery Cun (I am NOT asian. Plus its not my real name.)
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In my opinion, this is better than Mokepon. Seriously. Plus, all you other comics are good. LastFantasy was good, Schintilla Star was great, NoPUNtendo was awesome, Side Quests is amazing.
So have this imaginary 100$ check and continue.

Or are you busy on Newgrounds? That pokemon cave w/o TM Flash was awesome.
That there was a Sandslash named Slasher elsewhere.
I didn' think such...
preeeeettyyyy ninetales.
the hand is actually good. i could learn something from it.
lolish kingly fail.
there's the old man with the terrible posse again.
happy good looking villian, huhm?
old man with beer, your posse is not bright.
put 9 out of 10 doctors recommend it.
EDIT: 100% virus free is my choice,
Your both even now!