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I'm learning how to draw currently but I love to write. Always open to rps just let me know.
March 2nd, 2016
Now now Cort, did we really have to hit him that hard? Indulge in him a little, please?
I love the comparison as much as I adore this comic. In my opinion, your art was always amazing. I just love that you seemed to develop your own style, that is what is really awesome.
February 23rd, 2016
We made it and it feels so right. Though I doubt it will last long, I'm just going to enjoy what we were blessed with :)
I've read the fanfic and I'd love to see both come to life.
He's just so cute~
This is so beautiful I can't stop looking at this.
So glad I found this, it's amazing!
@Infinity.: not all public schools. Only 2 in my city don't wear uniforms. But in America, some wear them some don't. Just depends on where he is and what school, each school is different
I can almost foresee how she's gonna explain why they're late XD
September 21st, 2013
@Remawolf: it's one thing to be In love with someone else but just because you're in love does not mean you hurt the one you're with and abandon him. Also setting the relationship aside, he was supposed to protect Aldi. He took him to a club and let Val distract him to the point that he completely forgot Aldi and now he's dealing with having to figure out how to get him back. It's a little bit of Karma working, it seems.

And Aldi isn't the best person, he is rich and spoiled and I don't find him innocent at all. But no one should get cheated on and humiliated like that. So I think Kris is wrong for what he did to a person not specifically to Aldi.
Ooh you bitch! There's a nicer way to say that you know.
September 7th, 2013
Oh I missed them so much~ what a way to come back :D but its pretty sad that Aldi called it a nightmare and he wanted to believe that kris hadn't abandoned him like a jerk :p even if this new guy kidnapped him, I'm liking him a bit more. Especially since he hasn't quite hurt Aldi yet
No my bb. Look at his tears. I don't even comment much but oh no my cute bb shouldn't be crying. Stupid Eliot! Lemme just hug him and wipe his tears away.
All I see here is Jeremy <3 he looks so good in that first panel.
Well then. I'll just say its cause he's nervous :)
Your art is amazing okay but I really wanted to say I loved the little expressions on their face and the subtlety in their moments, its nice :)
Devon is so cute, he must be shipped.
I still ship them even though I know it won't happen so my feelings are just being hurt :/
Knew it, he'll be fine once Tristan kisses it all better.