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Kunai Youki
I like to read, write poetry, try and fail to start making stories, and find random games...also a very avid Yaoi M/M Gay reader

(the profile pic is art of mine)
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    Zephyr Nyx
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Finally Caught up!

I was the one from Anime Boston who went kind of Fanboy nuts meeting you...>>

Espeon Kigu first day, bought the books the second day (now in my prized posessions drawer shhh :D)

Anyways, I love the new haircut on Bailey, cant wait to see what he looks like without the horns on!
Kunai Youki
February 2nd, 2016
I'm glad a part like this happens earlier now.
I love love love the hell out of this rewrite so far like yasssss.
I loved Paradox, but it was a bit...stretched out. Too many words not enough action.
This one is just right!
Really happy you're doing this and your colouring and backgrounds have improved lots! :D
So has your character development and character drawing too!
And the shading tho :D
Sorry I'm gushing. I'll stop now haha.
Kunai Youki
February 2nd, 2016
This is just
I've been following this comic since it first came put on smackjeeves the first time through and at first I wasn't sure what to think about this new rewrite, but after seeing thisnscene I absolutely adore it. Great work as always!
Kunai Youki
January 18th, 2016
Holy crap
I'm so happy I think I started crying when I saw this was up again ahah, I started reading this back when you had the super crappily done first few parts of chapter one up...loved the drawings back then because of how unique they were, but now im just in awe of haow far you've's amazing.

I also follow you on tapastic as well, and saw that on there you said you were starting to redraw the older chapters to get this ready for publishing...

Not gonna lie, I'm going to miss the older art pages...they were the reason I started reading this and fell in love with it as it was so pretty with still being rather...ummm...oddly shapen? yeah sounds right, but the fact that you've come so far and are planning to publish, and I really hope that I can help out with that by buying some of the things you come out with for selling :3 (can't right now, no job but ive been looking for a while now! *fingers crossed*)

Oh! And I almost forgot, I'm really happy you haven't given up on your baby yet, too many people have done so in the last couple of years, and it kind of stinks to know that people have had to leave their works behind.
I just yelled nooo
because i realised that was the last page of this comic...and I love this so much.
So finally at this part eh?
I went ahead and looked up the fanfic so im excited to see where you take this doujinshi!
Another typo on panel 1.
I saw you were gonna publish these so I figured youay want to know there's a spacing typo on page 3. Feel free to delete this comment after fixing it. :P
Panel 5 is amazing.
I love the angle and just how perfectly it came out.
Gorgeous work as per usual.
You crazy
I'm reading this for like the 5th time seeing as I accidentally keep stumbling back onto it with a lot of new pages. I just love it so much I have to reread the whole thing to refresh my memory each time!
I'm BA~~CK
omg i missed this comic so much so much happened while i was lifeing! GAH I AM BACK AND IM HAPPY and your drawing style has improved greatly and wow i love how its gotten deeper and more angsty wow :3
ooo~! stuff just got even more interesting~!
Cool ideas. Always wished that I could steal other's Pokemon XD
Link: Because after being asked to marry a piles of rocks, marrying a human seems awesome. :D
Kunai Youki
September 5th, 2012
the only thing that I could hear in my head as I read this page was literally:

@Mechanicalpenguin: Thus why I didnt mention that part...but it IS an comic series. Hair genes make no sense usually anyways. XD
Kunai Youki
September 2nd, 2012
@Mechanicalpenguin: Then I shall just have to ask around...:3

Not on here of course though...

I shall be asking peoples on skype and IRL!
@Mechanicalpenguin: But Nikolai's eyes are grey...and his mum's are light blue/green/teal, so if you take black and lighten it up a smidgen, you get grey...
Kunai Youki
September 2nd, 2012
@Mechanicalpenguin: Easy? Really now~.
I wouldn't have thought that at all...

The perfect way that the wolf body forms out from underneath the skull/head thingy looks absolutely real...I love it.

Add that to how smooth the motion of the head raising up looks, when sometimes you try to get smooth but it comes out kind of choppy, then yes, I believe this to be flawless in simplicity, design and the way that it flows freely.

Plus, it has a nice time to it...even if its just three seconds or so, it seems like it's there for longer than that.

...sorry for rambling...I' awesome...