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I'm generally here as a consumer - I draw quite a bit and really admire others who have refined their skills to the point of being able to tell a compelling story through art. I hope my critiques and encouragement are a positive addition to the community.
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Kennedy is totally gorgeous, and he does NOT look like a girl. Anybody who is offended that men have eyelashes and do not always look like body-builders should probably stick with less anatomically correct comics. We've only seen, like, five different major characters at this point, and only one close-up of a woman's face. I don't think we've seen quite enough of your style yet to denounce anybody as unrealistically feminine.

Moving on now! Your scenery is gorgeous and every page is amazingly drawn and colored. I can't wait for the next installment.
I love that the premise isn't just typical apocalypse nonsense - it's refreshing when everybody seems preoccupied with zombies.
For novices, this is pretty good. It flows well, and the atmospheric shifts in color aren't over-dramatic. Dakota's expression is super-realistic. :3
Gosh, you guys are amazing. He's totally hot and the coloring is incredible.