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I draw stuff. Just not nearly enough or frequent enough.
Eek~ Just noticed this! Hope you get better. I know how it feels to mess up your wrist. I did the same while pushing myself too hard at work. @.@ It's always the wrist we need the most. :/
Oh wow, what a jump in the art. I loved your art before, don't get me wrong, but the colors and line work seem a lot more polished. Can't wait for this to start! :D
Why do I get the feeling that Monday seems to almost....being sarcastic or condescending to Clover? o_O" NOTHING GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN ANYTHING TIME SOON IS IT?! D:
Osnap! I'm prolly wrong, but will this show Monday's true loyalties?! Will he just "get with" his new mentor just to get by?! :O I sense....drama~ XD

Also, LOVE the way you drew the face in the first panel. I see major art improvement in anatomy in this page. :3
Argh! The image! The worse part is that even if we gouge out our eyes, there's always our mind's eye that will forever hold this image. ಠ_ಠ
Wait! This is a GL story?! 0_0 Sweet! <3
Can't wait to see how this story is developed. :3
December 16th, 2008
Actual Page...
Was made of WIN~!!! <3333 *3*
I know I've been slashin' them with my yaoi goggles. >:D
Noes, he's got the animu disease in panel two. D:

The best thing about this comic is the added random shit~ And the fact that so many things have faces.

Also, I noticed that the heart and the *ahem* crotch area are the same color. What trait would that be? O.o"
Eeeks~ It's like they're on a date! 8D
So I felt the need to share this, but I think this comic is getting to me. I was in Wal-Mart walking past the books, when I noticed a Barbie book. She was with a Ken on the cover. The first thing I thought was how much the Ken on it looked like Hugge. I'm disappointed the Bardie didn't look like Sal. =[
First off, I haven't commented in awhile and feel horrible. D=

Soooo~ here goes!! You don't know how fan girl squeely(if that's even a word, haha) I am over this comic. You make shoujo-ai sooo cute. >.< I love the pacing and the inching closer to the two getting together. It's so adorable. It makes me just go "KYYYAAAA~" after each new page update. You're a master at this and I can proudly say I'm a fan of Hold Me Tight. <333
ಠ_ಠ Hahaha. I love the sun's face. XD
.....and then he turns out to be a nice guy?! D=
Gah. Nothing else in the room to even look at. O_O"" He needs decor the poor boy. D=
Wow. I really like the coloring of the hair a lot. Very nicely done. <3
Hahaha. Best mother line ever!! XD
Only 400+?! D: This comic certainly deserves way more readers! ^o^

And wow, this looks really nice! Mm, gouda. <3
For someone that was warned about first impressions, he sure loves to stick his foot in his mouth.