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Brandi,Doris, and Thorne would be a good final 3 and a very possible one in my opinion. I don't see Bradley outlasting Doris at this point. Same with Sierra and Thorne.

I still love Riley and Tialayla though even though I know there not winning :(
No..., I have a feeling my favorite gonna get voted out. I love Riley.
Just get rid of Rosella, she doesn't do anything for the game.
As long as Riley and Tialayla are safe then it's whatever to me. I just want one of them to win this season or at least go far, since my winner pick atm is Brandi. Thorne would be the backup winner pick, then Bradley or Doris. Everyone else doesn't seem as likely as those 4 atm, even though I'd prefer a Riley or Tialayla win though.
Yeah finally the preview, which means one more month until the premiere :)
I honestly think the superidol is void at this point, if Alleio gave it to Luna unwrapped of course it's void, which I think he did. So Luna did change her fate in the game, but she changed it for the worse I think.

Also Jim is the only person left I'd think be a good winner at this point.
Tapioca gets better with each comic. I'm hoping she last til the finale at least. I know she probably won't win, but I enjoy her randomness and it be nice if they stayed around for awhile.
Tapioca has to be my favorite character this season, her randomness always makes me laugh.
"That Shade"

Jim,Luna, and Sasha I really like atm as well.
Roth can still use the money. The whole world hasn't been taken over by zombies in the resident evil series yet, or in the games at least, which I think Roth is from, not the movies.
Roth can easily use the money to fight against Umbrella's bio-weapons and other things that happen in the RE games.
I can't wait for this to start.
Also Big Brother 16 begins June 26th too I think which is something I'm also excited for.
@Vilecheese: I think it was indirectly stated in an earlier comic, the comic sharker left. Enter played an idol on Bowser and Jeff said the idol looked a bit worn down.So I assume with each new copy Enter makes,it'll look less like the original, it'll be more worn down to the point it doesn't resemble the real idol anymore and it'll look fake or something like that.
I think Cleopatra or Robbie will most likely win this season.

Also I hope Enters downfall hits him soon
Zoella :(
why couldn't Yvonne get the boot, she's annoying as hell. Zoella is to nice and sweet to leave this early, I was hoping she was gonna be the next Whitney, the sweetheart.
Lola and Spongebob are so cute together.

also what does Ctrl+C Ctrl+V mean?
I did it and nothing happened.
Your back and so is SFC :).

Awesome for Fans vs Canons 2,Also I originally thought this seasons was gonna be Favorites vs Canons when SFC11 ended, but I guess it would had been to early to bring back returnees since SFC10 had returnees and that's just 2 season difference really. But really I'm just happy to see Canons.
If Eli wins, I'd puke because it just seemed so obvious after awhile that he had the best chance to win, same with Sunflower, she at times seemed like she has the best chance at winning. I honestly hope Angel wins, but that's probably not gonna be the case since it should be obvious she's gonna win with all her friends on the jury, and things are never obvious.I think I'm over thinking things.
Oh it didn't seem to me that Whitney had a winners edit, I was just hoping she'd win because she's my favorite, since the merge I've felt like SunFlower and Eli have had the winner edit, since they get all the spot light, I even thought about Paine winning still, because it doesn't matter if Jackie won last season, a feline can still win again.Claus would be a gross winner in my opinion.
Only one left I'll root for now is Angel..
Go Whitney! ♥♡♥♡ I hope you win! ★☆★☆
I just love Whitney still hoping she makes the F3 some how
The last 2 panels just made my day :) gigglen