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I love the concept of comic books. I love writing, and I love drawing so why not combine the two? I've studied art for awhile, and am constantly experimenting with media. Fantasy is my passion, dogs, dragons, strange creatures you've never seen SURE THING!
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So I finally got a page done! I had SOOO many setbacks with this page, and quite a lot of real life stuff come up. I'm happy with the final result. Hope you all enjoy.
I really REALLY love how this turned out! I spent a good deal of time on it and I am very proud of myself. I hope you all really like this cover too!
OMFG Finally!!!!
Well it's been a long and painful hiatus. Computer died, mom died, lost my job, moved, living in a bad situation, trying to get by. You know life stuff. Well I finally managed to complete the new page! WEEE HEEE!!! So here it is after all this time. Yes my style has changed and I'm doing more clean work. So please leave a comment if there's anything I should know about, like improvements and whatnot. Also I'm setting up a Patreon account, so keep an eye out for that! I'd appreciate the support.
@ShadowHoundour: Haven't had a computer for a year. Planned out the rest of chapter. Up until the next part "Undesired Change"
@nanga: Not cancled. I haven't had a computer for a year. It up and died on me. Just got a new one!
@Darkness: Well thanks! I'm sorry I work so slow on it. I've got a lot on my plate.
Well Tsuuki is one cute sad puppy
Whoo another page! Finally getting my butt around to do some of it. I'm so sorry there are huge gaps between updates. But hey my art gets better with every one. Though this one isn't quite as pretty as the last one. Please comment and enjoy ^^ I really enjoy some feedback.
Yay update
I love your character designs.
LONG wait but worth it
Ok been awhile since I put up a page. But Look! I've IMPROVED! Nor it looks way better. Paying more attention to color and blending. Well I have a lot of other things I'm doing so this will be slower to update. ^^ But I'm not giving up.
Oh my
Well Tsuuki sure got it. Don't worry he's fine... no blood at least.

Hey check out the LOTMRW blog. Ask questions, chat, maybe even get an art response
Page 25 man this is late
Well if you haven't guessed by now. I am really busy in my personal life. But I won't give up on this! Please feel free to go to the LOTM blog to chat, ask questions, or post things. Maybe you'll even get an art response!
Well this is weird, on my profile this page goes first and then 23 O.o strange.
aaaannnnd here's 24
well who hasn't gotten into an argument with their parent at one point?

and please check out the LOTM ask blog as well ad my art blog, I'm also on facebook and if you like Ponies I have a pony blog! wee

Sorry it's late
Well here it is. And it's still tuesday here! So yay!
tried a little harder on this one. But again. Rushed it. @__@

note: probably gonna go back in and fix the shading more. And the lighting. I just really rushed it when I should be taking more time.
Ao many set backs. Previous pages are so pretty. Just not quite there. Tried rushing this one since I was busy. @__@
Late but happy
Well... not very good with painting fire. But I tried ^^
sorry for slight latness
Well my tablet glitched while I was trying to finish on time and I had to update my drivers and spent quite a bit of time trying to fix it. I finally did and getting this out a day late. But here it is ^^
Two pages OMG!
Once again check these out
I'm BACK! And ready for a new year!
Well have you missed me? Don't forget to check out the LOTMRW ask blog!

also check out my ask/art blog