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Ahaha... Ahaha... Ahh... Hello again everyone! It's been a year since I last updated this comic!
In truth I got a new laptop, and without my old bookmarks and unable to use my tablet I slowly forgot all about this comic. Lots of things have happened though! So at least I will have lots more comic updates to make, so that's good?

Thank you so much for your ongoing support everyone, it means so so much to me! I'm okay, I'm sorry for worrying anyone uWu
A Little Explanation
My Boyfriend and I started dating when I was 14, perhaps a little early for dating but whatever. Through various events that maybe I'll tell you one day, things happened - the point is that it went VERY fast. And since I've been in that relationship 3 years now I seem to have missed the part where everyone just worked out how relationships work.
I don't think I'll ever be able to have another partner because they'd feel like they were dating a child XD;
Sorry that there was such a long break and then something emotional and stupid like this XD

I'd love for you guys to give me some questions or something, it'd be really fun to answer them o w o
I'm really bad at talking to people, so the fact that she broke the ice for me is a HUGE relief for me. I'll be talking with my head of year in about an hour, and then at 4 I have a doctor's appointment as planned to discuss getting professional therapy. This is all exciting but scary - I really don't want to be making the wrong choice here, I've only been living as Trans* for 7 months after all.

Ah, also the weight issue was just a concern from another teacher that I looked very thin - but I think it's mostly the binder XD
Yeah, basically this is where I'll be drawing and venting everything - mostly my gender dysphoria, and my relationships. I'd like to take you through my experience of gender as I go, but I'll probably complain a LOT along the way.