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Hey there! I'm a girl from the Netherlands who loves to draw manga/anime in her spare time, and since half a year I'm really getting somewhere with this (: One of those things is a 17-page comic I made for Nippon Doujinshi (a very new doujinshi in the Netherlands), and this comic is the reason why I made myself a Smackjeeves account! To, apart from DeviantArt (same username), show my comic to the world :) It's the first one I ever made, so it's not pro stuff yet;; But I'm doing my best and I'm trying to improve on drawing every day! A goal of mine is to make a big comic one day <3

EDIT 6th of Septermber 2012: I have returned! After a while of neglecting smackjeeves because I had nothing to upload :'D That's right, I returned with a new short one-short ~ It's called Guitar Gytha & Singing Sammy, it's 12 pages long and again for Nippon-Doujinshi ^^ Very important; it is already completed!!! So no waiting, just reguraly updating every Friday and Tuesday :D
@Nikkori San: Woahhh..t-thank you SO much!;; I actually already made another comic a few months ago.. I started uploading it but forgot, and now I only uploaded a few pages ahah ^^; Perhaps I should go upload them again.. :') Anyway, thank you very much, your comment made me again consider making more stories <3
Page 5! ~ Slowly but surely the story is starting :D Was about time haha
I promise that guy will be drawn better the next pages :'D Also, some people in the audience are my origional characters :) There will even be a page with the two main characters from my other manga (also uploaded (and completed) here on SmackJeeves) in the audience.. but I'll let you know when that is :D

Enjoy! ~
Gahh I forgot to upload it yesterday! >___>; Stupid stupid;;

Well, this is what Gitami looks like and is like ~ Next page will show her guitar c: They're pretty hard to draw >__>;;;;; BUT I somehow managed to get the hang of them.. but.. that's near the end of the comic xD The firt guitars will look a bit funky haha

Enjoy ~ Next page Tuesday c:
Behold, 8-years old Gitami and puppy Sammy! :') Drawing the park was harder then I had expeted :c S-so many people;;

Next page Friday ~
@NMH: He's fat indeed, wooohh ~
I'm glad to hear so! >U<
@AndToBeLoved: She absolutely is yes : D You could say that's one of her weak points haha
@AndToBeLoved: Woops, typo XD I also just noticed I wrote "manag" ._. Ohdear :')

Thank you! :D
@NMH: Ahh I'm glad you mention Arina Tanemura, she's my favorite mangaka :D Anyway, I drew this about half a year ago so I agree on the irises some bigger- I drew them too small here yeah ^^; But thank you for pointing it out! I'll pay extra attention to it :)
Page 1 ~ :D Please note that this comic is already finished, and 12 pages long. I will upload a new page each Friday and Tuesday, soooo in 4 days a new page will come ~

Enjoy : D
Hello! Thanks for dropping by and reading this! :)
This is the cover of my newest one-shot, short story, called "Guitar Gytha & Singing Sammy". My previous manag Ten Letters to Love You did quite well ( 18 uploads & 67 followers, neat right? :D), so I really hope people will like this too (: The quality is defenitely better, so that's a plus ^^

This was drawn for Nippon-Doujinshi's Music manga "Bring the music on!" ~ It's ment to be comical, also, you'll enjoy this more if you notice the small details ;D Because at the end most of them will be giving it a, hopefully unexpected, twist ~
Enjoy! :D I will upload new pages each Friday and Tuesday. Also, on my DeviantArt (same username) I'm uploading it aswell and it's already a few pages ahead, so you can follow it there too if you like and be ahead ^^
@Evuuh: Oh wow, I'm SO glad to hear, thank you! <3 Haha nahh I'm not ;///;
@Kiel95: Thank you! <3 Well, I do am planning on a new, really short story, tho it won't be a romantic/shoujo-ai story ;w;
@sakuradance54: Thank you, I´m glad to hear! <3
Age doesn't matter
Looks don't matter
Money doesn't matter
Clothes don't matter
Race doesn't matter

Gender doesn't matter

For some people, only the inside is what matters. And I believe it should be like that more often.

Thank you for supporting this comic, even though it was already completed when I started uploading it. Your comments, even if it was only "awww", made me smile.
I'm just so happy people liked it so much <3 So thank you.

The end.