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@megami23: yeah, he was the lead in Firefly (tv) and the movie Serenity
"Big scary monsters..." why of a sudden do I hear Capt. Malcolm Reynolds voice? :D
Bwahahahaha! Talk to the hand! Through the door, of course... Sushi, taking avoidance and passive aggressive to a whole 'nuther level of fun :D
March 20th, 2013
Umm... Someone better explain to her, no matter how fine her seat, or great her knees, without the bridle/Wonderbit I don't think Chomper's gonna be a primo ride anymore.
March 19th, 2013
If you're happy and you know it, burn your man!

Wait, wrong song. Just seemed to fit though...That female looks entirely too happy while spit-roasting gents. Maybe she should be with our mental deficient?
If Mr. Seme has a "whatever, Dude..." moment, I sincerely hope he gets drop kicked in the balls.
*hugs* Don't feel bad, we have guessing games here about which family the sheriff's office will send more cars for...Don't ask. The neighbors are currently winning. They got four cars over a dog violation, so hope that makes you smile at the very least...LOL! Like I said VERY long and bizarre story. Decades.
zomg... such love for this page!
ugh, gods, my dad was a painter and had a customer like this once. Started ranting and raving, "Do you know who I am!" To which my dad replied, "Buddy it doesn't matter if you live in a trailer or a brick mansion, paint goes on the same. Now shoo." Really.
Mega's comment totally cracked me up. Someone is a sadist. Butthe actual scene is really lovely, well done :)
Vera nice :3

(I tried to register, but it keeps asking for a 'fan character profile... what is that?)
December 24th, 2012
the third panel is simply incredible...
December 24th, 2012
*snerk* his attempts to be polite came off as leering * face-palm* No matter, the chit is thrilled, same difference. I like your snowflakes, by the way, very pretty :)
December 24th, 2012
aaaand she's! Happy holidays to you as well!
Oh? I see the Isaac eyeball-of-watchfulness. If she's not careful, Dr. Fred, for all her helpfulness just might get a punch in the mouth.
@Myung: I'll ask my hubby, he's good at remembering that sort of thing. Mostly because he adores tormenting me with it >.<
*whimper* why does it have to be over?Can't it morph into a prequel or a first chapter? *hopeful*
total FANGASM at the obliviousness... how did you not WIN!?! I am stupefied!!! You must continue this story. Tell me what bride you need.
A spidery butterfly? That ate the vagina-dentata? Ew. No, double-ew with a side of shiver that proves the female of ANY species is the most dangerous. I'll go hide now. Ew.
Yaaar... It's talk like a pirate day for the Oligary. Somehow, that's so very, very...wrong.