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Here I am:

And goodbye on Smackjeeves!
@enchantedsleeper: Soon! Well, soonish. Daily life and, you know, my other job calls until I can get paid for doing this. *sigh
@enchantedsleeper: Well, the other guy's name is Pippy, right? :p
@PikiiDylluan: It'll be revealed...eventually
@Izu-chan: I'll try unfold them as quickly as I can! Updating thursdays. Thanks!
@WildEllie: haha thanks. No one likes being screamed at.
@Hunter: Now that's what I like to hear! In two weeks time (I'm finishing up a project for publication, and also moving house, so I'm damn busy!) I'll be back to weekly updates, hopefully more! More Pippy goodness to come
I'M BACK! I#ll be back doing the God Stone again! After a hiatus of roughly a year I will be back to weekly(ish) updates. My project I am being published for is coming to a close so I will have more time to spend on my own work.
@ranasan: She might...yes the Queen is a young mum.
@Ighon: He's had them for a while:

These marks are brands. He was slave 000 from slave camp 000. Although they are old scars they've tainted the skin a lot. The black mark through them is a tattoo, to score them out, displaying his elevated status of 'Master'.
I'm sorry for lack of updates. I really, sincerely miss doing the God Stone. the publishers invited me to do a project, and then were happy enough to ask me to do two more.

What initially would have taken a month, is now on-running until July/August time. I'll have my life back by then and will be able to start doing my one true love, the God Stone, once again. So, in the meantime, don't forget to check in on my deviant art, for sketches and things that I can sometimes update:
@ranasan: He does suffer from badassery! The fourth leader of the kingdom of the Horse Nation will be revealed on the next page! Exciting!
History: The ruling of the Kingdom used to fall upon 4 people, who would represent the Four God Lords.

The head of the military/best channeller, representing soldiers and warriors.

The top scholar, representing the intellectual and technological needs of the country.

The head priest, representing the demands of the Gods.

The monarch, representing the people.

Since the reign of king Ry'Bakan, over 400 years ago, he claimed that the monarch was the embodiment of all 4, chosen by the gods. They still hold the tradition that the three others aide the monarch in council, but absolute power now rests with the ruling monarch.
@Guest: what is written in the Hores tribe's'history' may not necessarily be true.
History: The cracked hall. The last splitter, Varsal, came and attacked the king in a fit of madness, splitting the throne room. The king, King Hundus, smote Varsal the Child Killer, and spilled his blood into the fissure of the throne room. King Hundus was not left uninjured, and suffered a heavy loss, but saved the Horse nation and all of its conquered lands form destruction.

King Hundus wanted to preserve the crack as a homage to his victory, and a reminder of the power and danger of the splitter.
@TheGreenOne: He has CDO. Alphabetical order...
Sorry it took a while, and it isn't as spectacular as the wait would probably lead you to believe. But, at least its here.
@Ighon: A lot of things have changed on his character design over the last 3 years, except his hair has always been the same. Also, thanks a lot. I'm really glad you found it too.
@TheGreenOne: Princing is serious business!