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Gamer, nerd, otaku extraordinaire.
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July 18th, 2012
@[Blank]: Over a bunch of lava most likely.
Congratulations on the job! That's awesome to hear! :D (Also, Tepig's better, it becomes a sumo pig with a beard of fire that smells like bacon forever <3)
I work out of state, so I feel your pain.
@KitaAngel: Sounds like a good idea, thanks!
@Itoshii: I always remember the trainer using the item, then the attack of the other trainer's pokemon going...
July 16th, 2012
I like Allan, he's doing what I'd do at a convention :D
@KitaAngel: I'm not sure why she does. I first thought it was because of the heat, but it's not that. I haven't given her any canned food for a while though, since I thought that was the problem. I'd take her to the vet, but recently some money problems happened that should've never happened D:
What kind of cat food do you give him? I've been having problems with my cat throwing up her food a lot lately.
I'd say hold them back.
And Yar just stands back, contemplating what to do.
C'mon fire~
Oh my glob, that is lumpin' weird to read a pokemon as LSP.
Yay wallpaper, more yay for many cute kitties
It took me seven months to get a job after I got laid off when the job I was working on was over, but the second I got this current job, all these other companies that I put in for suddenly wanted me. It was a giant pain in the butt, so I know how it is. Good luck.
New Nuzlocke to read <3
Finally I get to read again after those stupid power outages T.T I was having such a bad webcomic withdrawal...
I'm a secret Miku fan, since I'm a big dude with an Amish Beard from Redneckistan and I'd get some funny looks if people heard me listening to "I Refuse" and "Po Pi Po".
The Twin Dragons of Icy Lake Splosion? It looked fun. I've been watching a bunch of footage and it's been seriously buggy, I'm hoping that by time PS3 gets it a lot of the stuff'll be fixed. The Skeletal Horse of Blazing Fire and the Armored Troll of Awesomeness do look amazing though.
Pokemon AND MIKU? O: