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I'm not interesting; I like herbology and botany, early mornings and my alone time.
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This comic is so funny so far! I hope you continue! (And a bit dark somewhere in there.)
March 19th, 2014
First a gorillaz poster now a Shaun of the Dead poster? God bless.
YES, WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOOOOORRRR! THE MEET AND GREET! Excited for next update already!!!! ~
I like how Dylan opens up the door by just saying "Hi" now, he seems not to mind Joa's sudden and random visits anymore. Also I see you labeled "Friday" at the top... does that mean Dylan's friends are finally going to meet Joa? +w+
October 14th, 2012
UoU I liked the ending, I liked his change. I don't know why everyone is upset. You should make another comic, your art style is awesome. :)
Joa, you sir, will be a good boyfriend and lover.
YES. THE WEEKEND SOUNDS PERFECT. *v* (sorry, bad, but good thoughts.) Yay! 100th page! I bet it's gonna be a doosey for sure!
Ahahaha! YES. He got her! I thought it was going to be more difficult than that, but I'm happy it wasn't! <3
"what are you wearing?"
"take a shower, I can smell you from out here."
"Can't believe I'm saying this... but I need you."
... idk! >///< can't wait till Sunday!