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Arrow! :)
@Crimson Chains: to be honest all i want to do is slap him right now. and kaidou
poor guy cant get a break!
Hey, i've been a bit fuzzy on where things are at times too. but i can honestly say i still fucking love this comic and i'm soooo glad you arent giving up on it. keep up the hard work!!!!!
i see two terrible possibilities......scary
oooooh! this looks interesting!
January 29th, 2013
May be a simple page, but it's still beautiful! keep at it!!! ^^
i don't even feel bad saying that i hope she gets horribly, terribly and irreparably maimed
ah but the nonsense is necessary for any good story. that being said, I can't wait for the smuuut!!! XD
SO glad you're back!!! looking forward to chapter 5
dayum...that 3rd panel.....
haha, it does seem like a funny breakup, but i think there is good potential for a possible friendship here.
YAY! update!!!!! *dance of joooy*
hehehe!!! they're so fluffy i'm gonna DIE!!!! XD
November 21st, 2012
holy.....crap *nosebleed*
for all the flack nakay gets, i think josh should really grow some balls too
...those two are just friends right?