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Hey there! My name is Skylar aka B0ySkylark, I'm a comic illustrator and author, Animation Student, and Digital Illustrator. I do my own work, fan work, and commissions. I'm most likely to be on my tumblr or instagram and If you really need to contact me just send me a message there and I'll get back to you asap. PLEASE I welcome any and ALL questions about my work.
@Melissa J Massey: Thats the plan! I just got pretty busy with life (the new pages are sketched just gotta finish inking and colors~!
I noticed the view count SKYROCKET all of a sudden which I'm forever grateful for and I figure its because people have been waiting for an update and I PROMISE its coming, theres a heavy revision period i'm going through as far as the writing and the thumbnailing goes. This upcoming chapter was supposed to feeling emotionally distant at first but looking back (and honestly reading how short it was?) made me double take and rethink how I wanted to approach the chapter over all, hence the delays! BUUUUUUT I am about half way through finishing it and I really feel like the emotional weight (rather than distance) is MUCH better than before.

So thank you all again for your patience and I hope to knock your socks off in the next update!

Also heres an old WIP of Adonis' throne! There was a story behind its solidarity but maybe I'll keep that a secret for later :}

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Hey guys! Its been about a month and I guess its time for me to announce this here! I'm working on a side comic, Pillars, about my witchsona and his coven! It begins with a mysterious tragedy and will continue to bounce between plot focus and slice of life style chapters (aka what do the do in their every day life). Please consider supporting me by becoming a fan of Pillars today!

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@ZzizzR: Thank you for your support! I always appreciate you coming back to read my comic!
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Hey guys! Thank you all for being so patient with me these last two weeks. my brain was MEGAFRIED and I needed a chance to catch up on functionality and being... idk a human??? shits hard man. REGARDLESS! I wanna drop some info for you guys! So if you didn't know I have a patreon! I use it to post SBO pages long before others as well as access to some nsfw pieces and MORE COMICSSSSS I have tons I should work on but hey you can see all that RIGHT THERE! And its only a single dollar for access to all the coolest stuff I make :D Probably not the coolest :D but you know its still pretty sick if you support me I'll open up bigger tiers that include character cameos, commissions, and raffles!

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So let me explain...
If you didn't know I'm in my last year (and a half) of college! I'll be done in December of next year. These passed few weeks have been emotionally, mentally, and (literally) physically draining. I haven't been sleeping properly, fell behind in my school work, and have been getting sick pretty easily (nothing that lasts more than a day though) so this week is a bit whacky. I'll be finishing up the page today and uploading it at the usual time tomorrow! If that works out better traffic wise than thats what I'll be doing from now on!

OH! Also I'm going to go back through a few of the last pages and use a heavier font bc I relooked at the last page and he's talking quite a bit and its hard to read it, so that'll be fixed today!
@ZzizzR: I may put a written breakdown on my patreon or my twitter in a few months! Not sure yet since I think a lot is going to change as the story progresses! But def keep an eye out for that update!
We out here GRIN-TING
I'm really trying to put the hussle on these projects bc I've fallen behind so much and its KIIIIILLING me! But hey bonus points to me for having this ready before thursday morning at 2am right??

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Party time
I finished this at 1 am and i am TIREDt. Lemme go ahead and hit the hay before I pass out at my desk. Enjoy the update you guys!!
Possible Delays
Hey there everyone! Just wanted to drop in and let you know that there may be possible delays on next weeks page, I THINK. I dont wanna say that its definite but I just wanna cover my bases just in case.
It plays a particularly interesting role in a later chapter ^^
@ZzizzR: Thank you so much!!!
Gonna so some last bits of sketching and inking before I go to work!
Join me!!

Stream is also hosted on the home page here!!
I’mma streaming :0 Gonna listen to some Jazzzzzzz

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Taking a quick break! Gonna finish up some pages and such and we'll be right back on track! PRINTS OF THIS ARE AVAILABLE ON MY SHOP …
@Loose Squid: It's a typo from the comics first run! I'll be fixing it once I have the time to!
We're back!!
Enjoy! These will be weekly updates!
I am currently in production! Which sometimes takes longer than I hope. This is a process because I do it ALL myself; everything down to the lettering. A LOT has changed aesthetically and plot-wise to make this production period faster BUT because I'm doing it the way I am I'll be able to update regularly!

Sorry for the panicked message I just now noticed that SJ placed me on hiatus. I'll be paying more close attention to that. regardless next month updates will start rolling,

Its late, and my body is filled with regret!!!
I haven't posted a new page in almost 2 months and that is just unacceptable especially since I've had one sITTING IN MY FILES READY TO GO! Here it is! Now I'm gonna go eat some rice and finish the other pages...