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@Mix: What's that from?
@Hero of Comedy:
A, also, it doesn't matter if you are older than me.

B, That would make me a newbie or a newb, not a noob. A noob is someone who acts like newbie just to be an idiot.

C, I wasn't being a troll, I was reciting the rest of the lyrics from that verse from the song.

P.S. I have learned from the best "trollz" on smack jeeves and I know how to roast someone in an argument so don't try me.

P.P.S. Get a life, It may say I'm 22 on my profile but I'm really 14. While you are 24 doing crappy sprites comics. I can actually draw and make my own sprites. I am also somewhat skilled at making flash games. But I will give you a little props on The Blue Friendship.
@Hero of Comedy: double post, my bad.
this kid’s a noob fag.

what’s your problem douchebag?
ur the ass, fucking fag!
your a fag!
you’re a bitch!
all of you can suck my dick!

We didn’t start the flame war...