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Umbilical Noose
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love these two guys :)
I love how unique those fellas are
Umbilical Noose
November 5th, 2014
Love it
Go number 1!!! Whoo!!!
Umbilical Noose
November 28th, 2013
He is so adorable!
He looks so fragile and innocent like that. C':
Love this comic.
Those eyes. :0 So cool.
Matthew seems very shealtered and childish, but I love Julian's reaction.
How old is Matthew?
So awesome.
:D This page makes me smile!
Dude! :D When my hands are cold in the morning, I would go into gym class and lift on my friends shirts and put my cold hands on their bellies so I could warm up my hands! They always yelled at me! ;P
Glad that your hand is doing better!:D
Scarrow looks so little compaired to Fidus, with him being so much taller. :)
That hurts. D;