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Saw that short and i say this is pretty funny. (now all we need now is pokemon shorts with just the pokemon being cute and or annoying :P)
So cute, may i have them as pets?
@ShotgunRain: Don't think so. i think he may be eating icecream on the ground or in pokeball.
I saw this coming traded pokemon do not always obey
Lolz Ash Cetchum that anoying never aging brat.
December 5th, 2015
You could always call them a plant name but use a name from another language. Like french, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, or Mandarin.
@RazorD9: No Atty isn't learning, he just didn't want DT to get hit by that attack.
Were do dragonborn(dragonkin) come into the society?
She has pants on so there isn't much to see
@The_mad_one: nice one, even in his own comic he has guns :P
@Tallest Skil: Actually guns do exist in this universe, its just you never see them. If you want proof there is a pokenmon ep. where jessie and james both carry pistols. Also look on bulbapedia as it lists several weapons and guns used.
June 20th, 2015
@peteranckorn: is it possible that we could get a characters tab, I'm starting to get characters mixed up.
@JermhyTheHedgehog: Stand your ground, lolz. That would be a pokemon battle. And it looks like atty is going to woop some ass.
Ive been here for the comic story, and my god is it starting to get interesting.
Also may be time you get a $20 1 terabyte external hard drive. Be best if you backed up all your work.
Ty, we appreciate the consideration. This means though that we may get 1 less update (most likely), or 1 extra.
Is she going to survive as his mate :P. Would be a waste of the lead, or is this a dream.
Wait, didn't she steel that ticket while putting an Eevee in a microwave?
@Golux: Agreed, better to just see an elemental glow than an audio cue, specialty if its just white light.
Yep well the gym leader will be arrested for trying to steal a badge that was rightfully earned. Or the jennies will be like, "A hell she is up to her shenanigans again; move along nothing to see here."
March 24th, 2015
Wow, what i nice combo, did a weak attack with a strong status affect, then the firemage used that effect for an attack boost.