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Ushio Amamiya
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I think she is Rhea
Ares has "don't mess with my little sister" face XD
kyaa!!!! i'm excited
thanks you, gaia!!!
question!!! rhea too?
Ushio Amamiya
April 6th, 2013
I have right now the same aphrodite's face!!!!
now I understand Zeus, he know it!!
I thinks is Aphrodite's plan
Ushio Amamiya
December 29th, 2012
I don't know if I say "Run Hades, run!" or "Yes Aphrodite!, I'm with you!" XDDD
aww, I love you Poseidon, sooooo cute
He looks like Poseidon!!!
I like oceanus
LOL Kratos
Zelus badass...and scared me xDDDD
Zeus... like a boss!! xDDD
the mans and Bia going to Metis and Hades ans the womans are Zeus's babysister xDDD
I'm with you, Hokova xDDDDDDDD
I love young!Hera, so cute but brave xDD
Demeter soooo cute
AUCH, THIS is a awakened moments
Is Hera is wake up...Demeter too!!
Now...i'm fangirling my ship Hera&Zeus xDD
finnally!! all day waiting and watching the page every time xDDDD
soo beautiful, I want to know to about Poseidon and the others
guau, now I understand why zeus is...zeus xDDDD
a billion and billion gaia's childrens xDDD
gaia's rulez xDDD
gaia looks different....and she is totally badass