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Mirei Magik
A 23 yr old person who just wants to graduate already...
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Oh man. I remember those times as a kid that my uncles on my mother's side (my mom only has brothers)and my mom's "friends" thought my brother and I were going to end up dumb just like their own kids.
I remember always being a smart aleck to all of my uncles because they were always hating on my mom for no good reason. So much for gratefulness to my mom for taking care of them when they were all just children back in Vietnam.
Well, my brother and I proved them all wrong when we both made it into one of the highest ranking high schools in my state. And then went even further than that by graduating at said school, getting a few scholarships, and currently attending a well-known medical university.
I guess I'm a bit like Bernard in a sense; taking a lot of shit from adults and having to protect my brother from my parents. My parents argued a lot when I was a kid. I remember when I was just 7 years old, I had a talk with my 5 year old brother about our parents possibly divorcing and splitting us up. We would discuss which parent would take custody of us and also who'd we go with if they asked us to pick. Luckily for us, they never did divorce. My dad is a wonderful person; best dad I could possibly have; never gets mad without good reason. But my mom... I guess she was always stressed out. Hell, I believe I pretty much took all the abuse (verbal and physical)from my mom as a child and even was a teen. I was the main punching bag, so to speak. That didn't make me feel good about myself; I'm sure you'd what type of words and phrases comes out from a very angry and stressed out mom. I got very depressed all the time when she was around which was every day. It was really great that I had a younger brother to talk to and that boarding high school I went to (which allowed me to be away from my mom). Because without those, I probably would have done something I would have regretted. I'm just glad that now that I'm older. I'm still mad that my mom doesn't admit that she ever said those words to me. But at least now, she's starting to be nice to me again. I can never forgive her but I can keep going now. Oh shit, now I'm crying. I'm sorry. So for being...I don't know, depressing? personal? I don't know,I'm just... weird. Sorry. It feels good to talk about about it somehow. just... thanks.
I've been meaning to comment on your comic before but I just never did. So here goes... *deep breath*
It's really nice to know another Vietnamese person who isn't my family or someone who knows my parents. I empathize with a lot of what you went through. I only have one brother who is two years younger than me, but I remember all the times I had to be there for him when my parents fought a lot back when we were kids. My Vietnamese is also about the equivalent to a middle schooler's as well as I pretty much stopped going to school for it in middle school. I understand what they are saying but I struggle to get out the words I want to say while avoiding saying any English. I can barely read or write in Vietnamese as well.
I really enjoy your webcomic journal as it really hits close to home and I can relate.
took the test for the hell of it. got 32%.
I'm a girl btw. the funny thing is that my friends tell me I would be the gayest gay in the world if I were a dude. XD Hell, my gay friend told me that. Lol.
such a happy looking couple. :')
Babycakes? He calls Adam Babycakes? Lol XD
I think that's awesomely hilarious.
Also, that is an adorable photo of Adam blushing while reading/hiding behind a book. :D
Woohoo! Yay! I love this webcomic. XD
@ToxicRainy: I was thinking the exact same thing. And I, too, love this comic. :D
Lol. Love the eyeshield reference.
Rock, paper scissors... It solves all problems! XD