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Sen Cross
German illustrator, comic artist, video game lover & cat mom
Drawing is my job and my passion. ♥
Sen Cross
February 4th, 2019
@Kit Rune: thank you :)
Sen Cross
February 3rd, 2019
Sorry again for the radio silence!
We will continue working on the comic for sure, we are just really busy with all kinds of life obligations and I don't want to drop the quality of our work to get it done faster. :/
I hope you understand and will stick with us even if updates will continue to be infrequent. ♥
Sen Cross
January 16th, 2019
hello everyone!
sorry for the radio silence, but everything's crazy lately and I'm still working on the next page. But we will continue, we're not gone!
Just giving you a quick heads up that updates will stay less frequent because I don't want to drop the quality. :(
Sen Cross
October 10th, 2018
@rabbitpostiche: thank you for the feedback, I'm really happy to hear that ♥
@ZSoj: because I love details :'D However this time I just colored them, my co-artist who does the layout and storyboard and all the technical shizzles (because I used to draw only fantasy before and have no idea how to draw modern and sci fi :'D) also did the lineart of the backgrounds.
We'll be updating bi-weekly from now, as life is being super busy and we don't want to get too infrequent with updates. I do hope we'll be able to return to weekly soon though.
Sen Cross
September 9th, 2018
sorry for the delay, real life happened and things are still quite chaotic around here right now.
We're back from summer break :)

Updates will probably be bi-weekly for a while because we are both super busy with adult life issues and such, but we'll do our best to provide you with frequent updates. ♥

Have fun with chapter two everyone! ♥
@AngryAngel: we've been taking a summer break, chapter 2 will start tomorrow. :)
@msbl79: that he is :>
@AngryAngel: Thank you ♥
@toun: thank you <3
@Xaryna: haha yeah XD
@dinonugget: thank you :3 I really love doing lots of details X'D
@AngryAngel: thank you <3 have another :>
@IronDog: yes right? never judge a book by it's cover :>
sorry for being a day late, I', super busy with con prep for next week and I just forgot to upload >__<
@IronDog: Thank you :3 I was a bit worried it might have a little slow start, but we want to put focus both on the story background of the world and the romance. :)
@IronDog: basically running on caffeine I'm afraid. Oh, he sleeps 8 hours for sure. per week maybe. XD
@IronDog: yess, the last guy responsible was pretty oldschool and left them a huuuge mess of outdated stuff, X'D