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Sen Cross
German illustrator, comic artist, video game lover & cat mom
Drawing is my job and my passion. ♥
@msbl79: that he is :>
@AngryAngel: Thank you ♥
@toun: thank you <3
@Xaryna: haha yeah XD
@dinonugget: thank you :3 I really love doing lots of details X'D
@AngryAngel: thank you <3 have another :>
@IronDog: yes right? never judge a book by it's cover :>
sorry for being a day late, I', super busy with con prep for next week and I just forgot to upload >__<
@IronDog: Thank you :3 I was a bit worried it might have a little slow start, but we want to put focus both on the story background of the world and the romance. :)
@IronDog: basically running on caffeine I'm afraid. Oh, he sleeps 8 hours for sure. per week maybe. XD
@IronDog: yess, the last guy responsible was pretty oldschool and left them a huuuge mess of outdated stuff, X'D
We decided to open english preorders for the first comic issue as well. :)

You can order yours here, they will be shipped at the end of may to mid june. f=shop_home_active_1
Sorry for the late update! I was gone all day visiting my parents for easter yesterday. :'D
~ keep playing with fire beb. :>
Sen Cross
February 25th, 2018
Preorders for the german print version are open now.
We are thinking about offering an english print version as well, but it would be our first so let me know if you'd be interested? :>
Sen Cross
January 28th, 2018
@IronDog: Thanks <3! aaah and yes you're right! I totally forgot about that coffee stain on the next pages ... thanks for the heads up, need to fix that for the print version X'D
@Srushed: Thank you <3 I sure hope that too.
Ok, so this page should be uploaded next monday, but due to the long absence I post it now.
Sorry for not being there, the last year has been a hard one, but we're back and working again. :3
Thanks for sticking with us!
@Srushed: thank you! Yes, we'll be back on monday. :3
@dreamingsketcher: yesss, next page will be there soon :3