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A quickly drawn preview of a new comic I'm working on. Look for it in September :)
It's been a while...
I'll have to re-draw the next 10 pages, my kitties ate them.
Welcome back!!
There isn't a single drawing of the manager without the vein on his head! XD
ah ha...
Looking back over it I see I left out some words... ^^;;
In the first box there's suppose to be an arrow that says "Mina"
In the second box the arrow is suppose to say "Joe"
I'll have to fix it when I go back to Mina's...
Yes, I know he didn't really sing that at the concert...
But I couldn't resist <3

*Hit's head on desk*
I need to fix the lines...
And the second concert comic is up!
It's just a "This was my experience" comic.
My friends wrote reviews, I'm drawing a comic.
Later it will become a "My random life" comic.
The second concert to be uploaded this week...
and a banner (so maybe people will come and see!! XD)