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ahh Rukia's face is so gorgeous!
ahhhhhhhhhhhh great job. the look on his face is beautiful. they're both so beautiful ;_;
this page is absolutely beautiful and so, so hot ^_^
auugghhh poor baby. he's shaking. ack!
I actually think that it's very relevant. it looks wonderful!
ahhhhhh lovely page!
nice. I think that was a very in-character response for her ^_^
Rukia's hair looks *awesome*!! Oh no, she's getting involved . . . I sense that there may be trouble ahead. So exciting! :)
I really like this page! ^_^
awesome page! many usagi/minako feels~
ack, I literally made an audible gasping/squealing noise when I scrolled down enough to see what happened to Minako. ACK.
awww, this is a gorgeous page!! I've really enjoyed the comic so far, but it's still nice to see something happy and colorful. RenRuki<3