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~ Hello Readers! ~

Hello, My names Gabrielle Duncan!~ I prefer only close friends to call me Gabrielle, but Luna would be awesome! I am an absolute maniac Otaku. I love anime, Manga and gaming. (Naturally) I don't have a favourite anime as it kinda changes and verrys at times. Same with manga, unless you count the awesome comic Blue Well! :D That's right! I'm a total blue Well fan!!! As for my favourite games, that'd have to be the Harvest Moon series of Rune Factory series. Despite being a girl, I don't mind playing Call of Duty. Okay I love playing it XD
I love my computer and technology in general. I also love Vocaloid and love J/K-Pop. I cosplay, although I only have 3...(1 of which doesn't fit me) I'm also quite skilled in Japanese for my age. Although, I don't think I can have even a small conversion in Japanese without sounding stiff or kindergarten level XD
Sites I go on-
Tinierme ( - S C E N E - )
Devianart ( Akemi146 )
Wattpad ( Lunaflower99 )

Add me some time~ ~^o^~
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I went to the Melbourne comic Con!~~~~ KYAAA!~

and lol at Aiden's sign xD
Rage quit much xD
Aiden got told xD
Maxies gonna snap!~

1st comment! TTuTT :D
LOL! They managed to get out of that one! XD
Answer to Leifs question
You should totally draw them as the avengers xD
Its Friday now, and you STILL haven't updated TTATT
you finally posted!
*O* see Rei's the only sensible person here!!!! or atleast normal...

Naaaaaw, so whos crushing on Suzel?
Sigh, Aiden
Aiden was being a good protective older brother, but he only flirted with her! He didn't deserve a punch out of no-where. and now Damien can't win the bet!
I hope that Aiden won't punch Mr. Tabor, I mean then they won't be able to get in, and then Damian will loose the bet, and then the sexy do will go DDDDDDDD: