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just a fun loving guy who loves webcomics ^_^
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Love Rubys new look :)
Still want to see more of this comic
Love the comic so far but i have to ask...why is there a mini foxtale with a cookie hanging on the side of the pannel????
Will there be any more?
@enlightened mr. First: i wish i could remove your coments they are ruining this amazing comic you ass
@errbodys favourite gentlemen: mr: shut the f up you stupid........ sigh....... theres no help for you
@gentlemen that is mr. First: no one cares if your first
The only thing this comic need is better and easyr to read text. And also mr. First anyone can be the first to coment when a comic is over 6 years old and was only uploaded here upon completion you boob. Oh and theres a sequil on the other deviant account i belive.
Mmmmmm chunky ;p
When will the next page come out?
Omg thats so kick ass ^^
I want there to de more but no update for over a year makes me sad :(
Reminds me of the mines of moria from the lord of the rings
@dunklen: shes in the land of OZ :P
@dunklen: yes yes she does!!
More please.........and soon :p this seems very intresting :)
IV FINALY DONE IT!!!!!!!!! After 4 days of reading i have finaly gotten up to date and read all 865 pages WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

but i still want more :p
@RyakLo: probable for the best you saved alot of money then i dont even want to thing of the money i had into my cards "cringes just thingking about it"