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A manga and anime FREAK >w<~

current online comics:

K.E.Y : Hiatus
Mia and Aki: Hiatus
C.I.T.R.U.S: Hiatus
Island X-V.2: Hiatus

(ACTIVE = update at least once per week)
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    Nan De Mo Nai
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this is where i'm up to, will draw more pages now :)

Thanks again for reading > v <!
aww, thanks for the support > w <!!
0 v 0;... no comment...
near the end... 0 v 0
i was so tempted to put "ikr" in Tanaka's bubble in the last panel...

lol > 3>...
@ kaitlynvang: yea, will update KEY as much as possible till my holiday ends then will be busy with life again >_<;... indeed, the original pages have been collecting dust on the shelf >_>;....

@ Waterbliss: lol, true that >_>;...
lol, thanks, u guys are AWESOME ;w; <33
gotta go to work now. Will update more pages tomorrow.

Thanks again for reading! >w<!

(P.S: yes, my handwriting has indeed become worse...)
lol, i really want to finish this comic :)

Thanks for reading XD!
indeed, Tanaka actually met Maya before Takuya ...
I don't think there will be many still waiting for the updates but if you do...


I only have 1 more week to go for my annual leave but will definitely try to update the comic as much as i can (wasted like 3 weeks doing nothing =A=;...)

so i guess i am kinda "Back In Action"?

Thanks again for your support for KEY! >w<!

(P.S: that's Tanaka in the cover by the way, if you forgot who he is don't worry, cause i did too >_>;
lol!!! last panel WINZ!!
December 22nd, 2011
awwwww so sad.... ;__;
thanks for remembering the birthday for KEY >w<!
LOLOL, omg XD!
lol too good XD!!
lol, love her expression!
aww, thanks people for being so patience with the comic ;w;!! <333

@ raaawrkittyXD: lol, sorry for the disappointment XD;... hopefully the real update will be soon > <;...

@ celiex3: thanks. I guess everyone has their ups and downs. Just being a fresh graduate, jobless and have no idea what to do, i wish i can settle down with a job soon, then I can move fwd > <;...

@kadajsin: Reread the whole thing twice in one night? gosh, that's crazy XD;... thanks for the support though ^_^!
aww, thanks people for still being here and watching the comic ;w;!! <333
Happy Birthday KEY!
Missed the anniversary again. Anyway, omg, it has been 3 years since I started this comic (although it hasn't been alive much lately >_>;...)

Anyway, gosh, I have only updated once so far this year?!! OTLlll..... Epic FAIL... I have lots of dramas in life lately, like a roller coaster (not in a fun way though).

As usual, hopefully things will settle down soon and I can get back to drawing again, I do miss drawing this comic >_<;...

Thanks for those who are still waiting for the updates. I really do appreciate the support and love ; w ;!! <33