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I love to read, especially manga, and even more particularly, yaoi manga XD boy love webcomics are a big fave of mine too <3
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LOL i second the Shia LaBoeuf comment
one chair could just... magically disappear between this page and the next >u> no one will know
still here 8D i'd love to see more of this comic again <3
Awwwwww :c but he's so cute pls accept his love
@Quadrant: I third this LOL
Oh ho hooooo 8D Are the wings getting bigger??? they look bigger <3 they look so nice and sleek uwu I want to pet them <3

that would be my reaction exactly if i discovered something supernatural was real 8'D OMG SANTA YASSS
Omg i'm just finding all the good comics this week 8'D this is so cute and i absolutely love your art style! Love the little nubby wings too omg so precious <3 I'd wanna touch them too LOL looking forward to more updates uwu
This is the cutest thing ever omg <3 I'm glad I decided to check it out xD Excited for the next update 8D
Silvain has committed the unpardonable sin xD how dare he say that Mace isn't the cutest
uguuuu i love these two ;u; they're so cute and supportive of each other 8D stay strong you guys! think of grumpy cat and be happy
sorry can't feel for Evan
too busy squealing over Rizo in a flower crown kthnx
Feeling a little left out, Silvain? xD maybe Mace can snort some oxy off your boner later and make you feel better--i mean wait what he only did that once we're not talking about that anymore
pfffft shopping cart rolling away and causing an epic wipeout in 3... 2... 1...
d'awww ;A; is he crying? c'mere bb and let me hug you
ignore the random eyes and teeth in the black sludge that's exploded everywhere
it's not important
are there more sexy times in the near future? 8D i hope there are <3 GET YO BUTT-LOVIN ON
awww ;A; he's such a nice guy Dx why's everybody so mean to him? ;n; monsters deserve love toooooo
the cracks on the clock are freaking me out >_> that look in the last panel isn't helping xD this is looking really good so far 8D love the horror aspect of it <3