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We are back! WAHOO!

Chapter 8. Story by Terri Rosov, Art by Sarah Arrowsmith, Colors by Ramon Amancio.

Badly lettered by me! (sorry!)
Hello everyone. I know this haitus has been almost a year. What have we been doing? We finished a whole new chapter (prologue) to the series which is only available in print. I had a baby and Terri the writer also had a baby. We are slowly getting back into the groove.

Chapter 8 is about half way done! We also brought on a new colorist (who is amazing) Ramon Amancio. You can check out more of his work here:

We will start uploading pages soon, I don't have an exact date but we are certainly getting there. <3
Somehow I forgot to upload the last page to the chapter when we went on Hiatus last year. Sorry about that!

Berb got to sleep!
Hawk gets to use her favorite curse again. Bwahaha
Hawk shows off her magic attacks!
Hello all, we are so much better at updating the comic over at Tapastic and sometimes forget that smackjeeves is really the home for Goblins of Razard. Please enjoy a bit of a binge upload!
Around the campfire they sit... what awaits them?
Hawk and Nodin on the run to try and catch up with Reign, but Goblins are in hot pursuit!
Zilck always seems to get his way and King Laird is happy to let him.
Never a dull moment with Zilck. He can do no wrong with the King.
Goblins don't always get along with each other, but the Queen will get her way and so will Zilck!
Sorry for the delay, it has been a very busy summer. Goblin queen is back!! WAHOO!
Yay! A page up! Who is your favorite character so far? We would love to hear feedback from you! <3

We are also mirroring the comic over at Tapas
One frustrated Hawk is frustrated. Sorry for taking so long. It's been a rough year for both the writer Terri and I. We just decided to just do what we can, when we can, but to never give up!

The comic is also mirrored over at Tapastic:

Thank you for all the kind comments! They help more than you know. <3
Zilck is not happy that his plans keep getting messed up. Giorgio is on the job though!

We are also mirroring the comic over at Tapas
We apologize for the delay and hiatus. Sarah was in a really bad car accident some time ago and it took a while for her to heal enough to draw again.

We are also mirroring the comic over at Tapastic:
Just a little extra to hold you over until the next page comes out. :) Happy Summer!
Welcome back to Goblins! We don't know what our upload schedule is going to be like yet, but hang in there. It's going to be worth it! :)
Thank you to all those who supported the Kickstarter. We finishing the story and we printed the book. If you would like to read the rest of the story please see us at Phoenix Comicon 2016 where the new book will be premiering! After the con, we will post the book for purchase at our etsy store. AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :D