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Amateur illustrator, work in digital and traditional mediums, love webcomics and storytelling, use CS3 photoshop and illustrator currently with a wacom tablet, scan or digitally draw roughs and ink with vectors.
Will update again this week. Sorry for the lack of updates.
Had a rough stretch at the full-time day job. phew.
Thanks everyone for your visits and comments.
The wizard Nathan uses another of the words of power granted him by Adramelah.
So busy with the real world job. Will update again this week. More apologies for the delay.
Apologies for the ever slow updates...had to pick up a new job. But, I will post a new page later this week to catch up. Thanks for your visits and comments.
@MercenaryX: I should have written this sequence a little better, it may be when it goes to print.
Nathan is about to blow the "Bishop's" cover.
Apologies for not updating, I'll update early next week. I've started a new, real world job and have been distracted. Thanks for your visits.
The questions begin! And Nathan's experience notes a small but very important sign that something is not right!
If you like today's update, feel free to comment below. You can also support me at Patreon (Frank Gunter illustrations and webcomics) and gain access to exclusive art there. Thanks!
Updates Mondays, very busy prepping art for Journey Man to print in a 100 page volume. Its almost complete and should be done this month.
I will update Mondays. You can view the latest pages at my site
There's a link to Patreon if you'd like to support my art and have access to desktop/screen art, news, original printed tees, etc.
@Arkwell: Thanks for stopping back, a new page is set to go up today (Saturday) and another this Monday.
I'll update again this Monday.
Will update again this Saturday.
Nathan has a revelation.
Another update! I hope to be on track. Who knows. Here's to hoping.
@Arkwell: Thanks for your comments and visit Arkwell, I've updated today and will update again this Monday. :D
Sorry for the lack of updates once again, still very busy but I'll update this Monday. Thank you for checking back.
I'll post again later this week...
So many things have happened in real life...anyway lets try it again and see if I can start updating regularly :P
@Arkwell: Thank you, should be getting back into things, updating here early next week. :)
Hope to get back to steadier updates. Family health issues.