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Amateur illustrator, work in digital and traditional mediums, love webcomics and storytelling, use CS3 photoshop and illustrator currently with a wacom tablet, scan or digitally draw roughs and ink with vectors.
@JillyFoo: Thanks! I am halfway through producing the new chapter and hope to launch it on my site by the end of March. I'm still very busy with family caregiving situation but got the first page inking started today.
Some filler art while I work on the next chapter, of which the first ten pages are written and roughed. My real world duties increase, but work on Dragonet continues as I can. I thank you for your visits and patience.
The end of the chapter...the reference to the Astral bell is from the first adventure of Dragonet-the chapel of the vampire. The bells were created to open pathways between worlds but are being used to destroy instead. Updates will now be unpredictable, due to financial/family care situations. I care about Dragonet though and hope to add more chapters. Just don't know when. Thanks for your support.
Just one more page to go in the chapter, then some news and announcements about future updates...thanks for checking out Dragonet everyone!
Change of scene...the chapter has been finished, just a few pages to go so updates will be much faster.
Next page: More plotting in Chornosa...
A young dragon begins to see the long view...
Sorry for the slow updates, will try to update again by this Monday.
Welcome to all new readers thanks for visiting I hope you enjoy reading Dragonet! There is definitely more to come, schedule permitting :)
Rufus fills Dragonet in on their family history...
Terrific! :D
Back at one of Dragonet's lairs...
Sorry for not updating in a while, will post again soon.
@JillyFoo: Thanks! Very busy when not dragging from the high heat :P
A quick turn, and the meeting ends...
Nathan's thoughts are accidentally revealed and the meeting suddenly takes a bad turn.
Adramelah laments the death of her daughter, Saatha, Dragonet's mother.
Adramelah states her observations about the beast Daga, and Nathan may be left with as many questions as when he started with.
Adramelah and Nathan discuss Daga...
Adramelah recounts the corruption that doomed Daga and her world.