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About me...
Age: 19
Country: Germany (emigration intents to New Zealand)
Likes: Any stuff 'bout the Sonic the Hedgehog world; muffins; Avenged Sevenfold; Bullet For My Valentine; muffins; Apocalyptica; Final Fantasy games (mostly VII, X, XIII and XIII-2); the Kingdom Hearts series; muffins; sweets; muffins; cookies; hamburgers; cookies; meat (MEAT FTW!); writing endless textes and... yeah. Did I mention muffins and cookies?
Dislikes: Salads and most other healthy stuff; no one in a radius of like 100 km having any clue of what FF and Kingdom Hearts is; being in the right and NO FRIKKIN' ONE BELIEVING IT!!!

Well... That's what happens when you want to put up a "short" information 'bout yourself...
I also have another account at, and a handdrawn webcomic which I can't upload here because of the data limit per page.
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Good to see there's already people who want to at least preserve it, and one who actually wants to continue it. Otherwise, I would've had to offer my services, and with my excrutiating lack in drive that's already killed my own projects, rapidly decreasing interest in anything Sonic, and reluctancy to touch upon another person's project - especially one as marvelous as this - it would've just been in a vacuum jar on a shelf.

Here's to hope we can all see it carry on.
That about sums up my reaction to this. How I personally feel about this decision is irrelevant; but I understand the reasons behind it.

That said, I couldn't stand never being able to look back at this comic, one of my favourite webcomics of all time. I'd like very much to have that folder. I'm pretty sure everybody would. Pretty sure anybody would. To a point where creating a dropbox for it might be more convenient maybe? I dunno.

Anyways, Godspeed, man. I'll be sure to check out that YouTube channel.
Ahh HA!
Another day, another pixel.
Previously I was led to believe the white spot on Garok to be sweat. Now I'm unclear. AUTHOR! EXPLAIN YERSELF!
Wait, you said in last page's author's notes that it was five feet deep! YOU LIED TO ME!
Man... You sure like cliffs. You sure your prename isn't Cliff, Ink?
Quick Sonic, use the spin dash to defy gravity!
Great, now Sonic broke the entire comic.
I'd like to give Knuckles a gentle hug if that's okay.
Brilliance. Much like the Chinese car brand, Brilliance, this falls apart at the seams.
Quick Knuckles, if you climb fast enough, you can get to the ledge before the rope collapses on itself!

... Tie it OFF to something? 's that right?
Wait, someone is CUMMING
In that sense, truly nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition.

... Oh come on, you can't fault me for making that pun. It was basically obligatory, seeing how you misspelled it.
When people complain about vacation
All the hatred.
Tails finally grows up to be a man.
A two-dicked man.
We have this saying at home. "Close your eyes and tell me what you see. That's all you own."

In this specific scenario, you wouldn't even need to close your eyes for that trick.