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I hate people. >:[

They accuse you of one thing and ruin your life. Thanks a lot.
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Thats so sad! D;
I love the one with the purple hair. @.@

So cute. But I hate the cold so much to walk outside. Instead, I cuddle the one I love. x3
Ooo. A Forum...I used to have 2 forums so I know how they work. :]

It sounds good to me! This way, we can talk without spamming the comments area. xD
Whoo! An update! :D

It took me a WHOLE day to do this. >.> [I kept prograstinating.] ^^' Note to self: Turn off TV when drawing. Lmao. xD

Also, Im re-drawing the begining pages of GL so its more professoanl looking. [In other words, more up to date drawing techniques.] So check them out! [When there avalible that is.]
Oh boy. O.O
Yay! <3
Now I just need to find some free time. @.#
Nuuu! I want more! Its so interesting! D:
Kuriko got an outfit change. :] Yay-ness. <3 [Im thinking of doing that with all the Lolitas but Im not sure yet. >.>]

An update! Yay! And it hasnt been a month yet. Lmao. Im going to try and do that "updates on fridays" thing...This way, I have time to work on it and possiably put more effort into the page. @.@

Oh, and I LOVE THIS PAGE! It came out so good. <3 I just love it! ^^ Also, Im going to be working on a layout for this comic. The current one is so boring. -___- So I'll work on that this weekend. :]


~Edits~ How can I update all the Lolita's outfits if you havnt seen tem all yet? xD Im so dumb. n_n'
Jessica: Yes...Yes it is. o 3o But when I CAN get stuff, I blow it all on Corsets and gloves. xD [A pair of gloves cost 8-15.00 D;]
Im so adorable. o 3o [/Brags]
Yeah. No Im not. xD But I love what I am wearing. o.o ::Huggles it:: ~<3

Yush. LOVE MEH! D<
I love your face expression. xD <3
Yay! An update! :D ::Hugs::
Take your time. :]
Sorry I havnt posted latly! D: I have been really busy. But I hope this makes up for it. ^^'

I just love this paring. Kuriko thinks Moe is a bad girl. The punishment? Hot Loli Lesbian sex! xD
Even in scketches...Your art still amazes me. @.@

PhotoShop has a bug, I'll look into it later, so I had to do this all in Corel Painter. @.@

I would so buy an Art book about Key. <3