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Merry Christmas, I'm not dead!
Sorry about going quiet for so long. It's been an interesting few months. My computer might have been one of the ones affected by the windows patch of fail, or maybe it is just starting to die, but it's been having issues since September. I fortunately never lost any work directly, but it did take a lot of my momentum with trying to save files in case this was the last time I would have been able to boot it up.

I wish i could say I even finished that task of moving everything, but I saved the critically important stuff and then sort of petered out of interest when it came to the thousands of other random files, and decided I would just enjoy them in a last hurrah sort of way before everything was wiped out of existance. Although after a recent string a patches my computer might be a bit better, but I am still sort of on edge for it. We'll see!

Also I sort of think someone who came along and said "Why are you not posting so much" some two weeks into working when I was like 75% done with the line work jinxed me. D: That was when it all went down hill. Oh well.
My Flight from design hell...
Bleh, so hi everyone again! Sorry it has taken so long, I got caught up on designing the new sets and the two characters that were entering on this page. The female one was the hardest. I basically took a month to draw different clothes and hairstyles on her base drawing. I could probably collect them all and make a paper doll or something if I was so inclined.

It was sort of designing in circles though as that boot design was actually pretty much what first came to mind, but I wasn't sure I really wanted to use it, so I went through a dozen other options before backtracking to the one I was avoiding earlier. Live and learn I suppose.

Also after all that time drawing those stupid boots I didn't want the word bubble to cover it over, although I was kind of worried that where I ended up moving it confuses the readability of this sort of risky layout some. Hopefully though not too badly.
Oh coloring, why do you take so long?
Well it feels good to finally have this done. Looking over my progress files, it was 8 days to color this. I didn't really think it was going to take that long when I was drawing it. I was trying a different method of doing the base colors because I thought it would be faster, but that ended up having a few hiccups to it.

Hmm while I was drawing this page I kept wondering if the cookie Kaelem said he left Anaerion is the one Ash is taking.
Well I finally finished after my bit of a hiatus. Well I had a nice vacation and a decent time trying out a few other things. Sorry for all the delays. It really had gone smoothly until I went on vacation and decide to spend most of my drawing time musing over how hair should fall at certain angles. I have strange obsessions.

That might be it, I decided to take a few days off to do some pixel art to see if that could shake it. Also thanks for your kind words!
So much work...
Well it took over a month again, but I finally managed to finish this page! I need a rest. Coloring took about 5 days but I have no idea what has caused my linework to start taking so long.
Well I think It's done?
It seems to be finished at long last (though usually you find things to tweak after getting away for a bit). Ack what a month it's been. I've been dealing with a tooth infection that I've actually got an appointment to hopefully fix at the end of this month. Also as this was a start of the next chapter I thought maybe I'd try something new like a different art program. Eh, unfortunately I don't know that it really worked out. I do like the line quality of Sai, I couldn't find a good setting for sketching so I wound up having to go back to Paintshop to sketch and then put it into Sai for linework and I don't think that's the most time efficient way to do that.

I almost didn't color this, but then I figured it'd been so long since I finished I might as well go whole hog at least once more. I really hope I can find a way to streamline things. However, huzzah actually done for now. I hope it works for you!
@Airujo: Heh, thanks! I have been waiting so long to actually have him appear! Even though I guess I had sort of spoiled it with my avatar on the forums here. Eheh.
End of Chapter 1 Cover/Review Image.
A cover at the end of a chapter? I'm a rebel. (Well more like, I can't decide what I want for a cover until I did the whole thing. Plus it gives me something to post as I talk a bit about my final thoughts on this chapter and take a little extra time to work on the script for Chapter 2.)

Anyhow, since I'm working on the script for Chapter 2, I wanted to post up this in the meantime and give a few thoughts on Chapter 1. Huzzah I finally finished it, full color too! That was kind of an ordeal. Moving forward I'm not sure if I will keep full color or not. I could if it means a lot to people, but I also think it could be nice to move a bit faster too, and not coloring would save me a lot of time. I might try a slightly different program though or hire a colorist to help out. I haven't officially decided yet, but I need to find a way to streamline a few parts.

When I went back to do this cover I had to look at older pages and I was actually able to see how much pickier I got over the course. Hmm, perhaps that's some of why it started to take longer too. I didn't really notice it so much at the time, but going back I saw things I did back then I would have fussed over a lot more later.

When I first wrote this out, it actually started as a novel, however I do like drawing so I ended up turning it into a comic. Though the story was the same overall,I changed around a bunch of things from the novel version to the comic script. Honestly I think the changes I made worked a lot better overall, so I felt like doing a bookish version as a rough draft before the script for Chapter 2 might have been the best approach. Gotta get out those less effective versions somehow!

Hmm, wondering some of those things that changed? Well for one, there was much less conflict (and really, this isn't all that conflict heavy a chapter so imagine how big of a misstep that was D: ) Basically, in the first draft the lady at the committee just let Anaerion do whatever he wanted on the condition he take Altaire along instead of stealing his ideas and giving him a different task entirely. Then all he had to be mad about was how annoying it'd be to have a cleric around, which didn't seem like such a worthwhile complaint.

Another notable change was Anae's battle to try and get his brother to eat that surely delicious mustard sandwich. Originally I thought it would have been fine to have Anae use magic to freeze Kaelem in place to force him to eat it, but then I thought that seemed a bit too mean.

Also, I am pretty excited to have Altaire get a few more lines in there, so back to work on Chapter 2. I might try to switch art programs to something that is a bit less touchy than what I have been using, so make that will spare a little time too. Hope to see you for Chapter 2!
Just Moving this to it's own page.
I just wanted to separate off that little sub page that was at the bottom of Page 17. The Cover picture to celebrate the end of Chapter 1 will be posted in a few minutes!
At last!
Whew, maybe I just need to add a couple of days to all my estimates. Fate seems to like to make a liar of me. I have been coloring this since Tues, and I just finished now. I wish it hadn't taken so long to finish but this page was pretty important to me. I had been planning on how I would do this one since pretty much the start! It took a lot of redrawing and plotting, but it actually came out pretty close to what I intended. I actually wanted the last part at the bottom to be on a separate page, and it will be down the road, but I'm not posting a page that is just a gradient after working on the main page for a month!
Finally Done, Earned the right to sleep
Well as always, that took longer than I expected. I had a bad case of perpetual redrawing. I think going into next year I should double down on that resolution to try and let things go a bit more with my drawing. Even as I was starting coloring, I sort of wanted to go back to an older sketch for part of this page, although I wanted to get it up before I slept tonight, so I just had to press forward.
You waited long enough
I might have to run out right now, so excuse the lack of fanfare. I just wanted to upload this right this second. Sorry about taking so long, I can talk more later, and I might have to tweak this more. Will decide later.
@Stig Hemmer:

Ah thanks! Glad you enjoyed it so far. Sometimes I worry about how well I can maintain it, which is why I always try to be upfront about my irregular schedule. I'm glad you can understand. Hopefully I will get faster with time. One of my friends worries about me burning myself out too, but I'm trying my best to avoid that too.
It's been a mixed kind of week.
Ugh, I was hoping to get this up earlier, but it's been a pretty hectic few days. My sister in law's been in labor for 3 days now and we're all pretty anxious about that and on top of it, one of our cats is very, very sick, so I've had some vet visits and kenneling a sick, scared cat to deal with. Hopefully I haven't overlooked anything too glaring with this page.

Working back down to two weeks updates, I swear! The end of this chapter is only a few more pages so I'm looking forward to that.

Aww thanks and sorry again for the delay. Hopefully I can get back on track this month.
Argh, at long last, finally done!
I just don't know what went wrong.....

Okay it was probably partly having a vacation and doing vacation things that weren't drawing and then having a wedding and a few other things going on. I am not sure how much time I had to take away from the comic over the past month, but considering how slow I work I guess it's not too surprising I got this gummed up (I mean technically it's one page short.)

Still it's done. Time to dig into the next page and try to make up for lost time. Also, make a hat.
Well it's past 5 AM, but I'm done.
Ugh, had to stay up all night to get this colored, but it's colored! Hopefully there are no huge flaws in it. Too sleepy to know.

So Ash has been waiting to say this since page two! :O
Thanks, I absolutely agree! It takes a lot of time to draw all those little things in, but I think that's also what made me really like this page. So many little fun things to look at, even if it was the start of me falling into a bi-weekly spell.

Ah I can see what you mean, I never played Habbo Hotel myself, but I saw screenshots of it before!