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grrr meowwww ):

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ikr chidna.
what the hell makes you think you have that say or not.

poodles = 2nd smartest dog breed, even though they kinda creep me out.

you guys let me hang here, and i don't know what i'm doing.
so i say sure; let him in. it's not like we're doing anything with this comic.
"but you're the one who asked if hitler would be bad if he wasnt hitler |:"

well yes he would be bad.
because he has the capability of being hitler.
we also are bad, since we could be hitler.

oh my god
">:O This is Comic 666!"


i swear i would have never noticed that.
saz, beyonce, drags in leotards and raisinets.

the epidemy of everything i've ever dreamed of.
"@ RoboRipp The guy said he's not visitibg anyone."

it was a joke.
New Hampshire is pretty much a day's drive from Florida.
no chidna visit me.
I'll be in New Hampshire
"Thanku, Rippu~ <:
The randomness is what I needed after computer asploded. ;_;"

You're welcome<3

I know what that's like ;-;

for being one of the first dudes i met at HTF who didn't hate me

lmao polar thought i copied him because i was part fox.
finally its over lmao
its almost done

sorry CD
lol i like how this one came out.

sorry zack.
sorry again neroe.
sorry caek. -ew i hate caek im allergic-
sorry myself. -lol my knife broke-
okay so.
this page is short because the third panel was detailed.

ill work on page 3
oand my tablet is poopoo.

i have to use a mouse ):
part 1

sorry dani
sorry steff
sorry anna
sorry neroe
sorry candle
"But you made Happyflag one comic back o3o"

yeah that flag was pretty happy...

but still, it was a dinkey little thing, it doesn't contribute much (x
"Not trying to bitch about it, but I'm an older SAZian than Neroe ;-; But only like, 99 comics older lul"

But i'm older than you! :P

-was 2nd person to join ha beat that bitches-

but I don't want bannertime. o:
i don't do anything for this place anyways lmao
awwwww I love both new and old banners.<3

new one seems like alot of effort was put into it.
and I'm happy you put zack in it. since saz wouldn't be around if it wasnt for him.

-sorry i liked the flag-