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Eating+Breathing+Sleeping < Pokemon

Too bad they're prerequisites...
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Not quite dead
Hey guys, been a while, huh?

I'm not sure how much of this I've posted to my journal, but my life has been kinda all over the place these last few months. Hopping medications (I had a really fun time with these prescription anti-psychotics that actually MADE ME HALLUCINATE *facepalm*), college midterms/finals, lost old job, got new job, struck out at dating, etc. Basically, things weren't all bad, but it was hard to get to grips with.

But now, school's out, and my mental state is (mostly) stable, so I'll try to get back to work on this. Not much else to say, though I'm not sure who's even interested in reading more anymore. :P

As for the comic itself, re-reading old pages made me realize just how atrociously bad Charmander/Angel's accent is. In my defense though, I was *actually* crazy when I decided to do it, so cut me some slack. :D
I've removed it for the sake of everyone's sanity.
@cccviper653: Aww~ Thanks! :3 And yes, I'll do my best to make that scene the most heartrending, eye-bleedingly sad sene that ever was.

@Tehpikachu: Glad to hear you like it!

@Huaqas and @GreyWolf: That's the theory. Pokemon fan theory holds that a Cubone is either a Charmander or young Kangaskhan whose mother has died.

@Smiwee: They are their own species. I just like the design aspect of making them look like a Kangaskhan. Besides, I had to figure out a way to represent them here.

@Missalice3: How could I not make them offical? I started shipping them myself after that last fan milestone, lol.

@serebii101: Yep, both male. Glad to hear you're in favor! (Not so glad to hear that you couldn't tell, lol)

@Luigi_96: ...? Sorry I don't get the reference.
Have I mentioned how much I hate drawing people kissing?
Because I hate drawing people kissing. And yet, I'm total shipper trash, so I must, MUST, MUST eventually learn how.
If anyone has any pointers, I'd appreciate them. ;)

Anyway, this is how Cubones look in my headcannon. Hope you at least somewhat agree!

Also, as I'm sure a lot of you have noticed by now, my characters have been slowly growing more and more anthro as I need them to do more human-y things. Does anyone find it annoying
or distracting? Or is it usually subtle enough that it's forgivable? (Minus the early days, of course, when they would spontaneously grow human hands whenever I couldn't figure out how to
draw their paws :D)

Finally, I figure this is a good a time as any to remind you guys that you can go to my deviantArt to download higher quality versions of these pages. I feel this page
in particular kinda loses a little something in the quality drop.
@Darkness' Lament: Sure. Just send me a message when you've got a couple pages up.

@metalgearpoodle (Guest): Now, I didn't say that...

@SnivyPro18: ...? I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what you mean by that.

@Meowstic (Guest): No. She'll explain her true reasons later.
@Tehpikachu: Needs more gay. Could ALWAYS be more gay.

@GreyWolf: Yup, like @MoogleSam says below, Pichu, Torchic and Cubone are male, Charmander and Eevee are female.


@mcslurpi: Do you? Well, its not exactly subtle... ;)

@Luigi_96: Why cover them? The children ought to see. >:3

@GrovyleGoodbye128: Charmander came up with the name originally; Eevee decided to steal it from her later.

@cccviper653: Indeed he is. 'bout friggin time too!

@littlekirby61524: Well, there's also page 83:
Sorry for the crappy looking page, but like I said in my journal (Which you can find on my deviantArt - for some reason it won't let me link it here), I LOST EVERYTHING, so I tried to finish this as quickly as possible.

Next page will be better for sure. ;)
@Axies: Good to hear! It'd be pretty hard to enjoy the series if you didn't like any of the characters.

@Dragon Master: Naturally! ;3

@Midnight-fox18 (Guest): Surely you mean "Kanto Fried Combusken?" Or maybe "Torchic-fil-a." :D

@Luigi_96: That's the idea! XP

@Teddy (Guest): Maybe. I can't rightly say either way.

@Darkness' Lament: HOLY CRAP, you got much better gear than I can afford. ^^; Here I am with my 6-year old WACOM ctl...T^T
The program I use is GIMP, because its free; but Photoshop cs6 is by far and away the superior option. You got a huge advantage over me already!

@Missalice3: Sorry! That's the series thesis y'know?

@Jedi-J2: Yup. They're supposed to be learning along with the audience.
Those last two panels took surprisingly long. Been trying to experiment with how I draw background, and though I don't think it necessarily worked out here, I think I can refine it in the future.

Nothing too new on the life front. Just been way too busy to describe. Kinda lonely too: haven't made any new friends in New York since I got here. But that's what the internet is for, right?
Hahahahahahahaha.... T^T
@Guest: and @metalgearpoodle (Guest): No, she's not a shiny, sorry! It's just the lighting making it look that way.

@VelvetRainbow: She's hurt, yeah, but that's what a healer's for!

@Missalice3: I could tell you if you want. To be honest, it might be ages before we get to that point in the story so... ^^;

@X_Savier: Maybe. I really ought to get to killing the next one soon.

@Luigi_96: Indeed it'tis.

@Shadow Charmander with wings (Guest): Not really...? I mean, she revealed her old name several pages ago...
If you've been reading my journals you know that I've been busy. The only thing new to report on that front is that I've FINALLY been able to get my hands on a refill of one of my prescriptions. Yes, it took like, three weeks, but I've finally got my trazodone. I still don't have my lithium or ambien, but eh, its a start.

Anyway, turns out Charmander is okay too. Yay and all that. :)

The only other thing I have to say is sorry for not responding to comments on the next page. I'll try to be better with the responses this time. ;3
Yeah...sorry about the delay on this one. I've just moved to New York for college, and classes have started, and I ran out of my prescription, and I got robbed... BUT! I am okay now~! And I'm starting to draw again.

Please excuse the poor quality backgrounds on this page, like I said, it's not been a good couple of weeks for me.
On another note, I'm renaming every page of this comic to just be a page number. IT might take a while though, so bear with me.
No heroic last hurrah for Squishy? No dying speech or uplifting epiphany? Just the cruel, quick, arbitrary hand of death?


You know...I was actually feeling pretty good about my chances until I saw PT Gigi's. Just...just...IT'S NOT FAIR THAT YOU'RE SO GOOD AND FUNNY AND ARGGGGG~! T^T

Anyway, my vote is for her. (Number 6)

EDIT: Also, I don't know if you realized, but the order of the image and the order of the comment are different. If think you forgot to list someone in the author's comment. (For example, Gigi is #7 in the image, but #6 in the comment)
Oh dang...I spent so much time working on the drawing portion of this contest that I totally forgot about the comment your favorite character thing. 'sit too late for that? Ah well, whether or not I'm eligible, it doesn't really matter.

My favorite character is Squishy. He's the practical, experienced mentor-type character, but unlike most mentors, he's actually nice and likable and really funny, which is why, if I were a cynical man, I'd say he's probably first on the chopping block when the comic needs a heroic sacrifice. :| Even beyond that, I just really like the idea of a character that can shapeshift at will to gain new abilities.

(Also, weird question, but is Squishy a "he?" I always thought of Squishy as a guy, but then I remember that he's Eggie's mother so...?)

My honorable mention to Eevee, because every good character needs someone I can 'ship them with. ;3
@RioBlitzle: It's not stupid at all! And also, I dunno if I'm spoiling any drama, but Pichu is still alive. It's his attack after all.

@JermhyTheHedgehog: But then I couldn't make them ill each other! And how would I enact my disturbing, violent fantasies then!? :(

@Dragon Master: Naturally. Wasn't no accident ya'know? But still, he also used speed boost before this in the fight with Totodile.

@LeafBlade253: Pichu's gonna be just fine. IT was his attack after all. Also, sorry man, but I've never heard of Bakugan. ^^;

@Dr.Wafflez: Don't worry. There's plenty more where that one came from.

@bananakin: Don't worry he's 'kay.

@Morzone: It's insanely useful in-game too. It's the only reason Blaziken's Uber-tier.
Hey look, it's not a million years late this time!
You'd be surprised how hard it is to draw convincing energy blasts. If anyone has any tips on how to draw them better, they would be infinitely appreciated.

You might also notice this is one of the few times I've used a sound-effect in the comic. I honestly think it's weird when something big happens and there's
no sound effect, yet, at the same time, I feel sound effects cover up too much of the comic's images. What do you think? Should I keep using them?

Also, did you know you can download higher quality versions of each page by going to my DeviantArt account, finding the page, and clicking that download button in the upper right corner? It's true! The pages
are displayed in down-scaled format so I can direct link them on Smackjeeves, so to get them in their full original size, just head there.

For reference, you can find this page here:
@Guest: Well, this entire comic is a prequel mate. :3 - Although, I'll probably place the next part as later chapters of this comic rather than create an entirely new one.

@Wolfmist: and @Missalice3: Don't worry, he'll be fine. (No seriously, he'll be fine).

@MarioKong: I'd be honestly disappointed if you didn't my friend. XD

@Dragon Master: Doesn't it always? Seriously, Buu is the only one that actually got hurt by the spirit ball, much like Vulpix is the only one who'll get hurt by the electro ball. XP

@Jedi-J2 (Guest): and @LKWayvern: Ah, sorry about the confusion. Pichu says "again," because he's referring to the time Darkrai got his eye. Sorry if that was unclear.

@ArtificeOtaku (Guest): Sorry, I figured everyone knew already! Not very many pokemon could really be called the "prince of nightmares" besides him though.

@Lady Darkrina: and @Luigi_96: It's gon' be EPIC.

@Dr.Wafflez: Thing is though, if it worked, then I might have to end the prologue and actually start on the main story before we all die of old age. And I can't have that, now can I? XD
Hey guys! After god-knows-how-long of computer problems, kitchen accidents, family trips, and work, I've finally got around to finishing this page! I can't even begin to tell youhow many times I had to redraw that last page...I swear, it's EEEEEVVVVVIIIIIL~! D:<

Fun bit of trivia, originally, Darkrai was not going to interrupt here, but a commenter in an earlier page said they thought he was going to interrupt, and I thought it was an interesting idea. Especially since I wanted to change around who was supposed to originally die next.

Also, I've been trying to find a good font for that evil darkrai voice. Anybody have any suggestions?


In other news, WE HAVE A NEW PIECE OF FANART! First one in like, AGES. This one's by Bananakin, of Pokemon Break fame!

Check it out here:
And check out her comic too:
@Dragon Master: Haha, yeah, I guess he does. I dunno, it's just kinda how their heads are shaped.

@Luigi_96: What a compelling story! I might just have to do that...

@SnivyPro18: You know what would be even better than someone stopping him? Him killing everyone. ;3

@Jennifer (Guest): Well, I'm not gonna lie, Dragon Ball is a huge influence for me.

@Crispy_Chen: May~be! Well regardless, we know that Cubone will be okay for exactly that reason.

@Axies: XD lol, you have no idea how happy this comment makes me! (That's not entirely true though; Goku does kill Kid Buu with it!)

@Mochi_Zephlyn: Hey c'mon, who doesn't like big balls? I like big balls, I'm sure you do too. Pichu loves big balls, and I'm sure Cubone's also impressed with the size of his ball.

@gmr man (Guest): No worries. The spirit ball's only purpose is to fail to show how strong the enemy is.

@Missalice3: Their my favorite couple too. <3 (Shhh~ it's a secret ;3)

@willky7: Well, I wouldn't say that that theory is in play so much - in the comic Cubone and Kangaskhan are for all intents and purposes still separate species, it's just that I like how it looks, so that's what the designs are based off of. It's a purely visual choice.
Glad to see this comic is updating again! What with the 8 month absence and all. XP

Welcome back! :D