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It's been a while
It's been a long while indeed. I'll be honest...I've been a huge bum.
Side Quest Complete
This is for Lizzie-chan

I hope you enjoyed it <3
Side Quest Complete
This one is for SassyThePokemonLover.

I hope you enjoyed it <3
Story behind it
Ok, so I have a problem with sitting in class for long periods of time and focusing. I was supposed to be listening to my professor until THIS popped into my head and I was all, "GASP! Gotta draw it while it's fresh!"

I like it. I think its perfect (to my standards).
This is my fresh bread..... I like fresh bread.....
Long time no see!
I've been swamped with school, midterms, and chronic laziness! That is my reason for being late!!! DX
A little wallpaper to anyone interested :3
September 20th, 2012
Lol, sideways frowny face
September 7th, 2012
cute <3
I love the animation <3
@Shinco12: If this were Facebook, I would like your comment.
OOooooh!!!Gold medal!
So I was going for a What a Girl Wants reference. I see it didn't really work out that well.... >.>
August 15th, 2012
*nod nod*
I think this turned out well.
@Shanic_Hell_Reaper: Lol ouch town
I must be straight line retarded
Whoa O.O
Oh hey there, Metis. ;D
Mmm baby *kiss kiss*

Oh shit, you're Hera.....
Well this is awkward.....
Hahahahahahahahaha, I love this! XD
I'm sorry about the art. I'm reeeeaaaally rusty >.>
Oh shit .________.
I've missed you so much! <3
Welcome back and thank YOU for returning! I look forward to reading your beautiful masterpiece of a comic :3
After some editing to make the page darker, all of the nasty smudges can be clearly seen T^T