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kajiya no okane
Hmm... I am pretty, sexy, lovely and gorgeous

in my mother's eyes...

BUT when I look in the mirror it shows that my mother is a liar...hehehehe just kidding!

>_< here's mY empty Deviant art
please visit and fav. if you have time.
thanks =)
they are really twins.. lol
hi everyone!
I really love sakura trees, they are pretty and I feel calm when I look at them.
kajiya no okane
April 11th, 2013
aishi: what a pain, my things are all over the ground.
@cutie108: thank you for the support.You make me happy and motivated =)
kajiya no okane
March 23rd, 2013
yay! at last chapter 1 is done!
thankssssssss friend!!!nyek ikaw nga magaling ehh hehehe =)tsamba lang yan....
love it =)kinilig ako
thank you I got a stomach ache while reading your comic =) kakatawa hahahha =) love it!!!!!! idol na talaga kita love your style...
kajiya no okane
December 22nd, 2012
oo nadelete ko na hahaha
kajiya no okane
December 9th, 2012
@delryyy: ang cute nanaman ng avatar mo hahahaha
it's koopa sorry
I got the background from D.A =D
lol ala lang... mahilig kc mang inis si Roman and alam nya weakness ni daniel
@delryyy: hehehe pareho ata kami ng ugali mana sakin isip bata... thanks compared sa gawa ko mas maganda yung sayo hindi ka pa full effort sa art pano kaya kung seryosohin mo?malamang 2000 na fans mo.... pero napa cute kaya kahit sketchy style mo..Idol
I can relate Friend, I have a guitar before but the music that I can create is plain noise!,so here I am creating a crap manga naman...hahaha
@Flie: me too!her art is simple but incredible! agree?
amazing ! he's like a dog hahaha